Gao Fushuai is in trouble again! Sleeping with someone else’s girlfriend this time-superrecovery

Gao Fushuai is in trouble again! The others girlfriend sleep (Figure) peach constantly sina sports tall, rich and handsome as the saying goes, Tall trees catch much wind, had been plagued by injuries of the Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons in the last month the state frequently pick up, cut off score to help the team win. But recently, the media broke the news and gossip, NBA rich handsome representative Parsons was involved in a scandal, the specific content is he who brought a cuckold, slept with someone’s girlfriend. The actress named Colleen Crowley, who is the girlfriend of NFL player Johnny Manziel, is said to be the heroine of the event. According to the American gossip media, the Johnny Manziel family believes that Parsons did steal love with Colleen Crowley, and expressed his anger. Hotties, did not happen to say a dry faggot on a blazing fire, what may be justified. Whether it is true or false, Parsons’s girlfriend has never broken, but it is true. Earlier, Parsons has been reported to date with Toni Gaen, the latter is a hot model. In earlier, Parsons also worked with the Kardashian family Kendall – Jenna.   OTC lace news, a state of ups and downs, allegedly, Parsons is likely to jump out in the offseason and Dallas contract signed with the Orlando magic. Does the calf have to be a tragedy? (translated by German) 高富帅又陷桃色事件!这次把别人女友睡了(图) 桃色不断的高富帅   新浪体育讯  俗话说得好,人红是非多,此前一直饱受伤病困扰的小牛队前锋钱德勒-帕森斯在最近一个月状态回暖,频频砍下高分帮助球队取胜。   但是就在最近,八卦外媒又爆出新闻,NBA高富帅典型代表帕森斯卷入了一则桃色新闻,具体内容是他给人带了绿帽子,睡了别人的女朋友。   据称,事件的女主角名叫Colleen Crowley,她是NFL球员Johnny Manziel的女朋友。   据美国八卦媒体报道,Johnny Manziel家族的人相信帕森斯确实与Colleen Crowley偷过情,并对此表示非常的气愤。   俊男美女,干柴烈火的,要说没发生点什么,可能也说不过去。   无论这件事真假与否,帕森斯的女友一直没断过倒是真的。早前,帕森斯曾被报道与托妮-伽恩约会,后者是一位身材火辣的模特。   而在更早之前,帕森斯还曾与卡戴珊家族的肯达尔-詹娜约会。     场外花边新闻不断,场上状态起起伏伏,据称,帕森斯有可能在休赛期跳出与小牛队的合同,跟魔术队签约。难道小牛又要悲剧? (德译洋洋)相关的主题文章:

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