From the perspective of steel production capacity to see the status of market economy, the final int

The excess steel production capacity from the market economic status of the "final interpretation" — energy — 15 years ago, China joined the world trade organization, but also leave a "tail", in accordance with the "Fifteenth Protocol" China joined WTO, WTO members will China as a "non market economy" in the process, the anti-dumping investigation from Chinese import commodities, calculate anti-dumping tax allows the use of alternative country data. However, in accordance with the "accession to the protocol", "non market economy countries," the relevant provisions should not exist after December 11, 2016. Although the "sunset clause" is approaching, but some European and American countries but not according to the rules of cards, find all kinds of reasons to stop the "automatic" China to market economy status. The issue of market economy status in western countries China always want to have the "right of final interpretation", do not hesitate to take shenglayingche global steel overcapacity issue. July 2016, the United States responsible for trade diplomats Wilson said at the WTO meeting, there is no doubt that China’s market reforms did not meet the expectations of WTO members in China’s accession to the WTO." At the same time, Wilson stressed that this is particularly evident in the steel and aluminum industry, China’s ubiquitous intervention in these industries, has led to a serious excess supply capacity in the world." Obviously, the global steel overcapacity seems to have become uncle Sam refused to admit the market economy status Chinese shield. So the United States, European countries, too. In May 2016, the European Parliament with 546 votes in favor, 26 votes against and 77 abstentions passed a resolution to Chinese does not comply with the EU set five market economy standards for reason, strongly rejected "unilateral to Chinese on market economy status, which is based on the concession" since 2008 Chinese imports poured in since the European the iron and steel industry for more than 85 thousand jobs were abolished. As the world’s iron and steel production and marketing power, the recent Chinese steel products encountered more and more trade friction. 2015, a total of 23 economies in the world launched a trade remedy investigation to China, and the steel and its products industry is the most concentrated, up to 46, accounting for about half of all trade relief. From 2016, the United States and Europe for iron and steel products China initiated trade remedy still start heavy, the United States not only to China continuous lost beauty of stainless steel, cold-rolled plate, corrosion resistant plate and carbon alloy steel scale plate and other steel products that high taxes, but also to Baosteel, Shougang Group, Wuhan steel, Anshan Iron and steel enterprises and China the United States, a total of 40 companies launched the "337 investigation on carbon steel and alloy steel products sold". The European Union has announced that it will impose a 73.7% tariff on China’s thick steel plate, which is subject to a tariff of up to a maximum of 22.6% for hot rolled steel from china. Trade friction is not afraid, how to resolve the dispute through consultation is the key to solve the problem. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in July 13, 2016 with the European Council president Tusk and the European Commission President, said in a meeting with the Chinese side, the Chinese side is willing to establish a special mechanism to discuss the issue of iron and steel trade with the eu. Also)相关的主题文章:

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