From the end of chaos prolactin teacher training department boasts 12 days of intensive certificatio kamikaze love

From the end of prolactin teacher training department certification chaos: boasting 12 days of intensive original title: from the end of prolactin teacher training department certification chaos: boasting 12 days of intensive Chengdu prolactin teacher training institutions, students are practicing before the massage prolactin. Prolactin division fire to what extent? The two child policy liberalization, quickly became the hottest occupation senior practitioners on the yuan monthly income, but also need to make an appointment in advance "prolactin division crash course" blossom everywhere, publicity gimmicks prolactin division chaos to what extent? Department of prolactin division certificate "that is, the website issued some people bought false posing, the shuttle in the major hospitals to earn some mastitis can be cured by massage prolactin division advocate brewing disaster risk after the two child policy liberalization, a niche occupation — a time division prolactin highly sought after, a very popular occupation". Massage 1 hours, fees ranging from three hundred, is nearly a thousand thousand yuan, easily. Good people unable to hide greeds income, a bright future of the industry, attracted many people even white-collar workers, added to the prolactin division in the industry. The short-term crazy expansion, coupled with the lack of industry norms, prolactin Division Industry chaos: every morning, in front of the hospital, holding a bag of leaflets of the prolactin division, flocking to the scene as the supermarket aunt grab fresh vegetables in general; the huge market demand, forcing dairy division crash course throughout the major training institutions publicity gimmicks: 10 days of intensive, Department certification, national general! Found the WCC reporter days of the survey, prolactin industry uneven in quality standardization. The maternal prolactin division must keep their eyes open, ready for big money "quasi" prolactin Division also must have a positive attitude, or it may be a sieve". A express the prolactin division closed training 12 days, tuition 4980 yuan, won the national senior certificate prolactin division." The training has some advertising gimmicks ready to enter the industry people very much prolactin division, but after training, they have not said that the good people in the community issued by the Ministry of national senior prolactin division documents, but a website issued. Chengdu zoumajie training is a class to the students. The event over 4980 yuan 12 day training "lactation division" to "license" Ms. Zhang is more than and 20 years old, Dujiangyan people, because I heard that do prolactin division a relatives in Chengdu, earning tens of thousands of dollars, her heart. She had no relevant experience, in numerous online training class advertising prolactin division, chose Chengdu, a company called "Chinese School" training institutions. The school slogan is very attractive: the closure of the training for 12 days, tuition 4980 yuan, won the national senior certificate prolactin division. "About half a month to earn tuition, really good!" Ms. Zhang said, in order to find out the true and false, she and a few friends also specialized to the college is located in Chengdu, Chunxi Road, an office building near the training site investigation. At that time, there are more than and 10 students in class, feeling very formal." Ms. Zhang, responsible for the recruitment of teachers repeatedly stressed, as long as the participation of Peng相关的主题文章:

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