Former Japanese politicians who will ask the Yasukuni Shrine enshrined rebel tda7294

Former Japanese politicians who will ask the Yasukuni Shrine enshrined "rebels" map: the Yasukuni Shrine in October 8, according to Japanese media reports, former Japanese finance minister Shizuka Kamei and former Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara will serve as the sponsor organization, requirements of the Yasukuni Shrine enshrined "rebels" war dead, and will put forward this program this month to 12, the highest priest Tokugawa Yasuku shrine. Reported, which refers to the rebels including being beaten down 1877 armed against Japanese Meiji government’s war in the southwest of Nigo Takamori and in the boshin war shogun, Aizu etc.. It is reported that the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Nikai Junhiro, former Prime Minister Nakasone Yasuhiro and other political parties as well as the honorary chairman of the board of directors of, led by the business people have become the same as those who agree with KYOCERA. Kamei Na: 2018 for the 150 anniversary of the Meiji Restoration, hoping to solve this problem." The purpose of the book proposal evaluation said, Xixiang, Saga chaos in Edo Shinra, Aizu tiger team and the new group called the rebel people also made action "for modern Japan with ambition, and said" I hope that all the dead dead enshrined in the civil war in the past". Around Xixiang, et al., Tokchon in an interview with Japanese media pointed out: "the Jin army Shogun for the sake of Japan, only because of different values and meet on the battleground." The organization start based on the speech, former Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone, Yasuo Fukuda, Murayama Fuchi and former House Speaker Yi Chui et al also joint civilization.相关的主题文章:

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