Forensic Qin Ming the most hardcore hit series in the case of Science ca1816

"Forensic Qin Ming": "the most hardcore" hit series in the case of scientific articles source: WeChat public section Newswire recently, "hardcore" lovers and blessed, domestic drama "forensic Qin Ming" reasoning first set on grilled fried hand riddle, fans of the "hardcore" start to attract a lot of drama powder, put it into the network hot drama title. A reporter is also covered with sheets do not dare to watch, but the plot but moreish! In addition to the male and female cool Qin Ming Li Dabao Meng Meng Da, in the case of the plot are ups and downs, foreshadowing constantly. In addition to Qin Ming and Li Dabao case professional outside, do not know if there is no use of assistive devices to notice in the case that we feel cool high-tech skills. A small trace can be infinitely enlarged, thus becoming the key to solve the case. In fact, in the real world, whether it is investigating the case, or dealing with major disasters, are inseparable from the strong support of science and technology. The use of detection technology cast a sword, can let the evidence speak the truth, let the case reduction, make justice. Let us grab a grilled "forensic Qin Ming" in the scientific and technological means. In reality the detective does not rely on skill by the team and modern technology in a variety of detective novels and movies, people are often those wearing a coat, wearing sunglasses, extraordinary skill serious in speech and manner known as Detective Inspector, actually in the real case environment, rely on it alone detective like Holmes does not exist. The detection of any major cases with complicated, is the crystallization of a positive investigation team struggle. A dozen years ago began to circle pink Hongkong TVB series "criminal investigation files", "energy-saving" and "attestation record", and "domestic mystery case of six groups", reveals the importance of the team. "Forensic Qin Ming" character set is still relatively close to the reality, with the development of the plot, Qin Ming, Lin Tao and Li Dabao composed of handling the "iron triangle" also had their exercise of their duties. The hit TV series "forensic Qin Ming" in Qin Ming, Lin Tao and Li Dabao composed of handling the "iron triangle" (pictures from the network) in fact, any one case of successful detection, are relying on the "three carriages" racing together bridle to bridle the results. First, there must be enough scouts, hard work extremely hard and bitter day in and day out, without a large group of grassroots scouts to lead the hard work, the protagonist in "halo" is of no use. Second, there must be a good investigation commander, the investigation commander careful analysis and thinking, and excellent organization and command is essential, is to guide the smooth progress of the most critical aspects of the case. Third, to the rapid development of modern criminal science and technology, the application of organic to the practice of investigating cases. The detective is mainly divided into two kinds, the first kind is mainly responsible for the criminal investigation, the second is mainly responsible for criminal technology, the two indispensable, responsible for collecting field data with a keen eye, you need to have a professional technology. In recent years the development of technical excellence, but also makes the case cracked and together with many more. Cases.相关的主题文章:

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