Foreign media the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group will go to the Western Pacific exercise rivalry 3u8813

Foreign media: the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group will go to the Western Pacific exercise rivalry of Sino Russian military exercises Military Channel – Sohu global network reported on September 9th: the U.S. Navy military announced that 8 will be from 12 to 23, Guam and the Mariana Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, held "2016 brave shield" large-scale exercises. Outside analysts believe that the U.S. would quite China rivalry and intention. Japanese foreign scholars website "" 8 said, according to the U.S. Navy official website information disclosure, the United States navy force to participate in the "2016 brave shield exercises including currently stationed in Japan’s" Reagan "aircraft carrier battle group of the 9 main warships, as well as good Richard No. 3 amphibious fleet. In addition, there will be 18 thousand soldiers and more than 180 aircraft, air force and Navy Corps military aircraft to join. Reported that the U.S. Pacific command from 2006, held every two years in the waters of Guam brave shield series of exercises, this year is the sixth session. In this exercise, comprehensive training will focus on military reconnaissance, positioning, tracking and force ships and aircraft with all three dimensions, and integrated into the network of combat elements. The U. S. military claimed that the "2016 brave shield exercises including maritime security, air defense, anti submarine warfare, amphibious assault and inter service battle drills, the purpose is to help the U.S. development of regional and global capabilities, and the interests of the United States to maintain and allies. The deputy commander of the seventh fleet, rear admiral Alan said U.S. forces in the Pacific to a reliable combat, combat exercise challenge is how to use sonar and weapon system, detection, tracking and targeting ability, "us in this regard unmatched". "The Taiwan times" China says 8 days, during the 2014 "brave shield" exercises, the PLA sent reconnaissance ship dynamic observation exercises in the vicinity of Guam, "we will not take it seriously". The brave shield exercise, may be the United States in response to China’s anti intervention regional refusal strategy. Some analysts said that the Sino Russian joint naval exercises will be held on September 12th to 19, the United States may also be held during the same period to borrow the "brave shield" exercise rivalry.相关的主题文章:

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