Foreign media Samsung will destroy all Note7 will no longer be refurbished into the market

Foreign media: Samsung will destroy all Note7 will be refurbished machines into the market original title: foreign media said Samsung will destroy all Note7, the future will not have refurbished machines into the market this time Samsung is bent to the end of 7 Note disaster". Motheboard website wrote that Samsung Note7 mobile phone recall will cause damage to the environment. Recently, the U.S. electronics industry media, Motherboard quoted Samsung news that Samsung plans to completely deal with the recall of each Note7 phone, does not intend to repair or renovation. Samsung said they would use a special process to completely deal with these Note 7, but the specific process did not disclose. The future will not see any renovation, re repair of the Note7 outflow to the market. Surging news could not be reached for comment samsung. Insiders pointed out that the second-hand mobile phones, the industry is a common practice after the renovation of the new market. Because of the high cost, used and discarded smartphones are rarely recycled, more is a simple renovation to the underdeveloped areas of the market. A smart mobile phone can use partial recovery but instead of a few dollars, do not make money, not by this means to prolong the life of resale. This is also the unspoken rules of the consumer electronics industry. Reuters reports estimated that as "tragic" recalls the history of the development of Samsung, Samsung or will take up to $17 billion (about 19 trillion won, 114 billion 140 million yuan) after fee, equivalent to the annual profit of 71.9% samsung. But some environmentalists believe that the destruction of the phone to the environment caused by the disaster will be more serious. "Motherboard" also said in the report, before the recall of more than 2 million 500 thousand Note 7, the next will be even greater, and they are not only a huge waste of resources, but also harm the environment. Today’s metal phone in the metal is very difficult to be recycled separately, previously, there has never been such a large number of new machines are processed, how to deal with the environment will be a problem. The report pointed out that the sustainable development of enterprises in 2016 Samsung, the company attaches great importance to environmental and human rights issues, said the company in using the biodegradable materials to the production of mobile phone shell, a new model of Galaxy after S6 were 100% Recyclable aluminum. But Samsung has not announced the destruction of all the specific ways to recall the phone, the impact on the environment remains to be assessed. At present, Samsung Corp has stopped selling worldwide and a full recall of Note 7 mobile phones, but the ability to eliminate the negative impact remains to be seen. According to technology website BGR reported that a recent survey showed that after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone announced global recall, there are 1/3 of respondents said they would not buy Samsung’s other models. It is clear that the Note 7 accident has given Samsung’s image and other product sales have brought a huge test. A similar survey also showed that 40% of existing Samsung users said they would never buy a Samsung brand phone. The report said that in those tables.相关的主题文章:

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