Foreign media in Jiangxi, China discovered a new species of dinosaurs, the quagmire of dragon winsockfix

Foreign media: Chinese Jiangxi found a new dinosaur species "quagmire through Tianlong" Babel mud dragon recovery plan (Reuters) original title: German media: Chinese Jiangxi named " found a new dinosaur species; through mire Tianlong " Reference News Network November 14 daily moral media said the newly discovered fossils are very small, even the tail too long, only 70 cm, the feathered crown. Recently, scientists in Jiangxi, Ganzhou, China discovered a new species of dinosaurs. According to voice of Germany radio website reported on November 14th, scientists recently discovered in Southern China, this name is " quagmire through dragon " dinosaur fossils. According to an academic articles in the November 10th issue of "science and technology report" published, " Denon " through the mire; living in the late Cretaceous of Jiangxi Ganzhou area, belong to the suborder oviraptors (Oviraptorosauria), looks like a bird, located in North America and asia. Between this kind of feather animal body size between Turkey and the elephant teeth little or no teeth, may only eat eggs, insects, plants and nuts. The most representative of the small dinosaurs by researchers found that when the posture is very unique: limbs horizontally, stomachs and head, which is named after " " Babel;. The dinosaur is a farmer and construction workers found in a construction site on the. A research team led by researcher Lv Junchang China Academy of Geological Sciences pointed out that the findings show that the diversity of the Cretaceous Asian oviraptors, which reflects the last dinosaur once earth residents chart is more complete. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章:

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