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The transformation of drug traffickers to Mou drug incorporation of antipsychotic drugs Magu ground – Beijing Beijing in Yichang on 24 March, (Wu Gongxuan) Hubei Yichang a man transformation drugs at home, the incorporation of antipsychotic drugs in Magu, then a grain into two profiteering. In March 24th, Yichang city Wujiagang District Bridge police station informed that, on suspicion of the crime of illegal possession of drugs, the man and his accomplices have been detained by the police. In March 10th, Wanshou police station received a report from the information officer, saying that the residents of the area Wu Moujiazhong often strangers at midnight. After a secret investigation, the police have 40 year old Wu is a drug addicts, and the crime of illegal possession of drugs. At present, most likely again. 16 afternoon, the police learned that Wu drove a man, together arrived in Wuhan. At 6 a.m. on March 17th, when Wu and his associates returned to Yichang from Wuhan, police intercepted two people. Subsequently, the police from the Wu purse in the scene confiscated 2000 pills of ma. Then, also seized 500 mA old in the Wu family, and the drug modified machine, a variety of psychiatric prescription drugs and simulation pistol. Wu explained, he went to Wuhan to buy methamphetamine, at home with the machine will be crushed, the incorporation of a commonly known as "brain rehabilitation" antipsychotic drugs, a particle into two, then sell high. It is understood that "brain rehabilitation" applies to acute, chronic cerebrovascular disease and mild, moderate brain dysfunction, etc., and its side effects affect the central nervous system, can cause excitement, irritability, dizziness, headache and insomnia and other symptoms. Police investigation found that, together with Wu’s man named Zheng, 35 years old this year, Wu is the middleman of the transaction, is responsible for introducing Wuhan drug lords. After Jeong contributed to the transaction, free drug use in Wu place. According to police, Jeong has graduated from the police academy, but also worked as a police cadet, after being admitted to the civil service career in the society alone. At present, the case is still under investigation. (end)

毒贩为牟暴利改造毒品 把麻古磨碎掺入精神病药物-中新网   中新网宜昌3月24日电 (伍公宣)湖北宜昌一男子在家中改造毒品,在麻古内掺入精神病药物,然后一粒变成两粒牟取暴利。3月24日,宜昌市伍家岗区万寿桥派出所通报称,因涉嫌非法持有毒品罪,该男子及其同伙已被警方刑事拘留。   3月10日,万寿桥派出所接到信息员举报,称其辖区居民吴某家中常有陌生人半夜出入。经过秘密调查,警方掌握到40岁的吴某是吸毒人员,且有非法持有毒品罪前科,目前极有可能重操旧业。16日下午,警方得知吴某驾车载上一名男子,一起赶到了武汉。   3月17日凌晨6时许,在吴某及同伙从武汉返回宜昌时,警方将两人截获。随后,警方从吴某荷包内现场收缴2000粒毒品麻古。接着,又在吴某家中查获500粒麻古,及毒品改装机、大量精神病处方药及仿真手枪。   吴某交代,他到武汉购买麻古后,在家中利用机器将其碾碎,掺入一种俗称“脑康复”的精神病药物后,将一粒变成两粒,再以高价卖出。据了解,“脑康复”适用于急、慢性脑血管病及轻、中度脑功能障碍等,其副作用影响中枢神经系统,可造成兴奋、易激动、头晕、头痛和失眠等症状。   警方经调查了解到,与吴某一起同行的男子名叫郑某,今年35岁,是吴某进行交易的中间人,负责引荐武汉毒枭。郑某促成交易之后,可在吴某处免费吸毒。据办案民警介绍,郑某曾毕业于警校,还当过一段时间实习警察,后未考上公务员,独自在社会闯荡。   目前,此案仍在进一步调查中。(完)相关的主题文章:

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