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Flying rainbow Kingdom on the way encountered the most beautiful sunset Pacific Tourism Sohu – Pacific island of Palau Palau travel Raiders concise: 1, why go to Palau: Rainbow Kingdom Palau is known as the aquarium, God’s world’s best diving resort, with the earth only non-toxic jellyfish lake. Better understand the point is: where you can swim with the sharks and jellyfish together with the tortoise with a variety of colorful fish to swim. For chowhound, Palau can eat crab sashimi, mangrove Tridacna shell and super hardcore do not shed bat soup! 2, visa: landing sign, to meet a say go on the trip, the fundamental requirement, remember to bring a valid passport for more than 6 months on the line. To pay 30 dollars and 20 dollars tax environmental taxes when leaving palau. 3, how to go: the more common is the choice of direct flights to Macao or Hongkong non-stop, about 4 hours. Suggest that the choice of aircraft + hotel packages, is a cost-effective, two is convenient, because in the Republic of Palau is basically the sea diving + aerial rhythm heaven. We are direct flights to Hongkong, this trip is a fun travel network charter. Therefore, the choice of travel agencies or web site can pay more attention to a few eyes, the middle link is often an important reason for the benefits, and the price will be based on the quality of the hotel and a larger floating. Shenzhen to Hongkong airport to the most economical way: Shenzhen bay port (we live in Shekou) after pass, take the B2P to reward Lake Station (8.5 HK people), to E34A to the airport (13.9 HK people), about the whole 1.5 hours. Macao can choose a hotel shuttle bus any arrived at the hotel after the transfer to the airport, full free. But Macao is very small, a taxi is also very cheap. 4, the local play what: if you choose the night of the five day of the trip, basically can be divided into four packages, if more than one day, then you can go to the next hotel in the fall or a daze. After all, diving is the individual living force, violence hidden two days after the best can have a good rest. In Palau play packages can be purchased in advance at the website, can also go to a local travel agency. According to our observation, anyway, there Palau travel service has been Chinese contract, so the trouble is scheduled in advance (1) Rock islands east sea diving: Coral Park — through Germany waterways — Palau fault — an uninhabited island for lunch — Vientiane hard coral — Japanese wrecks; 2 the Rock islands in the west sea diving): milk Lake Spa – non-toxic Jellyfish Lake — an uninhabited island — 100 years lunch City — dinner seafood feast – Star Party; 3) God aerial, 30 minutes, 180 people on this beautiful, people think if not many aerial can in fact be pass; 4) city sightseeing tour: man hall — History Museum — Long Beach State park. 5, about the hotel: Palau is the B & B, but the general conditions and expensive, because of the small number of. We live in the two hotels, namely Hotel (Holiday Inn) and Lords Hotel (Royal resort) (vocation). The only two best.相关的主题文章:

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