Firms Face Legal And Regulatory Challenges After Security Breach

Security Organizations are required to ensure availability, confidentiality and integrity of information. The risks inherent in the Internet environment make it necessary for organizations to ensure protection of user information and identity. On the other hand, cybercriminals always look for ways to breach the security of the IT infrastructure. Intrusions and security breach incidents have adverse implications for businesses. Security breach incidents may result in unauthorized access to customer and business information. Such incidents adversely affect business reputation, result in loss of business hours, and may also have legal repercussions. The recent security breach incidents have resulted in law suits against erring organizations. Natasha Maksimovic, an active user of Sony’s PlayStation has filed a petition and claimed damages over $1 billion for breach of privacy against the .pany. Kristopher Johns of Alabama had earlier filed a class-action law suit in a United States (U.S) district court accusing the .pany of negligence in data security and not taking measures to secure sensitive customer information. Johns has also questioned the delay in breach notification by Sony. A sub-.mittee of U.S House of Representatives has sought reply for thirteen questions and also asked Sony to testify before the .mittee. In the Eastern part of the World, South Korea’s National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (Nonghyup) is facing the ire of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) following the security breach incident of last month. The regulatory body concluded that Nonghyup has failed to adhere to .puter security regulations. According to Yonhap News agency, a group of 1600 customers is planning to file a class-action law-suit against Nonghyup. The federation has already doled out over 20 milllion Won to settle claims against damages. Therefore, organizations must place high emphasis on securing IT infrastructure. Hiring professionals qualified in .puter science degree programs may help in understanding business environment, core activities, key assets and processes, IT networks and security needs. This understanding will help in identification and mitigation of relevant threats. Employees must be educated on security precautions at workstations, e-mail .munications and interactions with other stake holders through e-learning and training programs. Online degree courses may help employees to understand the "Do’s and Don’ts" in IT security. Organizations must monitor employee activity and update them on the latest security threats. Organizations must also have proper incident response teams in place to initiate prompt action to prevent further damage, protect evidence and ensure continuity of operations. The response teams may consist of professionals qualified in pe.ration testing, online university degree programs on incident management and other security certifications. Proactive approach is crucial to defend the IT infrastructure from security breaches. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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