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Hair-Loss Is your hair starting to thin out? Is your hair loss problem starting to affect your self-esteem and how you feel about yourselfeven going as far as affecting your interpersonal relationships? You are not alone. Sadly, many people suffer from hair loss. This condition can occur in both men and women though it is more .mon in men. Even sadder, most of the so-called hair loss treatments in the form of shampoos and special oils are only effective in the short term. What you need is to address the root of the problem. When searching for an effective hair loss treatment, it is important to understand the reasons why you are losing hair in the first place. Causes of Hair Loss Alopecia is one of the .mon causes of hair loss, and it has many different types. For instance, alopecia areata is the condition where you lose hair from the scalp and other parts of your body due to an autoimmune condition. Male pattern baldness is called, ‘androgenic alopecia’ and it occurs due to changing angdrogen hormone levels. Scarring alopecia occurs when there is permanent damage to the hair follicles due to injury, burns, bacterial infection, or an automimmune disorder. Women can also experience a form of pattern baldness, especially in their menopausal years. When your immune system is imbalanced, it may attack your hair follicles and cause the strands to fall out. In some cases, hair loss may be genetic or caused by medication, such as oral contraceptives, chemotherapy, testosterone and progesterone treatments, and anabolic steroids. People with thyroid problems may experience hair loss, too. At times, you may lose hair because of over brushing or you tie it too tightly in braids, bun, or a ponytail. Ayurveda Hair Loss Treatment in Melbourne Ayurveda can be a great option for treating hair loss. Ayurvedic hair loss treatments are offered in Melbourne by certified practitioners. In Ayurveda, hair is treated as a product of bone tissue, so any disturbance in tissue metabolism will affect its health. It is believed that too much Pitta dosha can cause your hair to fall out. Hence, anything that can increase the levels of Pitta dosha in the body will affect the health of your hair. Like intake of too much of salty, sour, acidic, excessively spicy, and fried food, or consumption of too much alcohol, tea, and coffee, even a non-vegetarian diet that is high on meat, may lead to hair loss. Ayurvedic treatments for hair loss seek to strengthen the bone tissue. There are several ways to ac.plish this, so it is important for the ayurveda practitioner to determine because your hair loss. The goal of treatment is to reduce your stress, improve your immune system, and encourage hair growth. Treatment may require the use of bitter vegetables and herbs to improve digestion and treat hair problems. Special ayurvedic tonics like Narasimha Rasayanam or chyavanaprash can correct your metabolism. Ayurvedic hair loss treatments may involve massage therapies with bringamalakadi oil and kanjunnyadi oil. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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