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Fierce! I sing the ditty comic outline said his ruined many big lead:! I outline, said the comic ditty to sing fashion icon. In the words of Guo Degang crosstalk is the most love to wear, a variety of big body interpretation of the different taste. This is not a recent, female bodyguards wrapped, wearing big massage, Guo teacher towards the fashion icon road straight down. Fierce! I have become a fashion trend, Guo Degang fashion big two days was a photo burst of social circle (see figure). Gas strong Guo Degang in Shanghai a top fashion blockbusters, just under the private jet momentum was in the front row his suitcase and bodyguard LV familiar Givenchy’s shirt to steal the spotlight, don’t know that this is a brand new advertising. Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing also challenge the -LV large, we compare is not used and Fan Ye LV large is exactly the same, the same is in Shanghai, but in a "hill" in a bridge. Guo Degang is wearing a big son with a massage page page blockbuster more exciting, first with his son photographed in the courtyard live to eat watermelon, red slippers and around the female bodyguards do also seem to steal the spotlight, the two leading into a supporting role. Wearing a big massage massage heroism Guo Degang -Dolce-& -Gabbana Guo Qilin; then the father and son and collective massage, relaxed state was originally a see through editing the sharp eyed, they were wearing LV and Dolce& Gabbana latest Menswear, although such generous is unsuitable for children, but who let Guo heroic spirit. Guo Degang through the big can hold a wagon saying the crosstalk reds, with his funny skill level and his love big courage, good-looking it said another. Guo Degang’s favorite Givenchy Guo favorite Givenchy is already a well-known fashion circle, he put up against the old street sense Givenchy men also have a distinctive flavour. The famous shirt sweater Guo Degang had been out of the street, although the 2011 winter style, but in the recent exposure of the large, is likely to please Guo teacher, let’s put on the security front. Guo teachers have to look at the dress, is not a kind of security fan children. The famous star studded T-shirt with a star pattern is not only the favorite of street kids, but also the love of Guo Degang. Daikin chain with leopard leopard, plus a white Long Johns, this is modelling. But don’t go cool wind Guo Degang, choose the collar to unlock with sunglasses, what can not wear mink domineering, Guo made reality version. One second into the old man’s shirt this Givenchy 2010 spring and summer series of men’s clothing, the original sense of fashion has been Guo teacher dressed as an old shirt. Fishing with nets coat over your desire, but Guo Degang caught the wider fashion outside of the world, please! Change a brand "ruin"! Crying sweat相关的主题文章:

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