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Family travel destinations, a contract Neverland Tour – Innocence travel plans to Harbin from the Sohu and the girl, is at least take her to see a tiger theater show, tiger is accompanied by her screen buddy grow, like our machine cat like Transformers. To this, the choice of Harbin Xiangfang Yongtai Sheraton Hotel, Royal Hotel on the Internet than in many of them, and ultimately determine the home, not only because the Sheraton its long history and good reputation, more importantly in this new hotel is hiding near enough to make the children and parents are not very happy theme children’s room, and the fact that once again proved that our choice is wise. The real princess dream theme of stunning, high iron one hour drive to Harbin, from Changchun station, taking into account the girl may be slightly tired, simply direct appointment car to Harbin Xiangfang Sheraton Hotel Yongtai. At the welcome reception and gentle smiling service, run quickly the girl has to stay, wait to run to the theme of her Princess room. The elevator opened, see the "beauty", it can be used to describe the girl as cheerful as a lark. Mom and I was overjoyed. The two lovely cartoon rabbit (Bobo La, rabbit and rabbit after the paper introduces the origin of the name of the carpet and wallpaper) completely shocked us. The carpet and wallpaper with boys and girls generally love the blue and pink, a fairy tale castle Vu accidentaly across. The girl again and again "wow" also let us more room full of expectation. Entered the room, the pink children theme room again amaze us, and a rich assortment of welcome fruit, in addition to some fruit standard, but also some nuts for car collocation, most of the day without eating us is really the biggest surprise. The girl and we began to appreciate the castle that had never been met. Children’s theme room is divided into two types of pink and blue, as the standard of course, the girls chose pink department. Large space decorated with a feeling of greater than the standard size of the big bed and a bed for children. Children’s basketball stand is also the main toy for the two days. The basketball court is a great attraction for girls and is the first activity in each room. She is also very easy to complete my dad dunk dream. Lying on the bed looked up, the blue light seems to be exposed to the sun in the prairie on the blue sky looked at the number of clouds, very comfortable. The room is full of fairy tales, and this feeling extends to the various objects in the room, full of parent-child and fantasy in the end, everywhere. The wallpaper, Restroom door, children’s slippers, towels, wash brush cup cartoon animal, quirky, very cute. Just enough to attract the attention of children, and even we seem to return to childhood. The nuances of the hotel are even placed in the toilet with the child’s exclusive toilet. The design level of double sinks can fully meet the parents and children at the same time l相关的主题文章:

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