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Families then returned the excess money corrupt telephone fraud 3 times before the letter as the original title: a normal working procedure, why the parties are so grateful I to Yanshi City, Henan province procuratorate engaged in procuratorial work for more than a decade, has handled all kinds of criminal cases 583 872 people. Whether as kongshen reception when the masses of "experts", or "good defense plea against hand", or anti-corruption breakthrough sharp knife, too much of the negative social information of the monasteries and daily handling experience, let me accustomed to a prosecutor’s perspective to view and deal with the problem, work procedure and full strength: the teeth of malignant crime, corruption of hate. Until I deal with Chen bribery case refund procedures, this feeling has changed. As anti-corruption secretary, I Bureau Chen investigating bribery case. Chen is the city of a unit of a family level cadres, in 2013 for taking bribes from a construction contractor’s payment of 53 thousand yuan was investigated in our hospital. After the indictment, the court ultimately sentenced him to two years in prison for accepting bribes. However, the determination of the amount of bribes was only 34 thousand and 790 yuan, and the amount of the difference between the amount of $18 thousand and 210. In accordance with the provisions of the law and the Supreme Procuratorate regulatory requirements of special rectification activities, the hospital must be returned to the parties in excess. Remember that in March 2014, the first time I notice Chen in the judgment after the commencement of the son, told his father’s case has gone through, let him as soon as possible to our hospital for refund. The thought of such a good thing to refund, he must have come early to deal with, did not expect a few days down did not see people, until I even notice him three times, he came. His father committed the crime caused a big loss to the party and the government has promised to give him money, he is not coming, the spectrum was placed too much, not too seriously to the judicial organ. Based on this idea, that day we met, I asked why he has some emotions, miss. He explained that he had never heard of the money will be returned to the thing, initially thought it was a practical joke or even telephone fraud, so didn’t come until the third call he really believe. Not long after the formalities, I received a phone call from the son of chen. He told me that a refund has been received, and that I’m grateful, grateful to the procuratorial organs, and not because his father sinned against him "the other", the whole process of handling a case according to the law, civilized and normative, let him feel the warmth of the judicial education save themselves, as the defendant’s family also deeply touched and that, with the father to do the work of education reform. Put down the phone, I thought a lot. Why is a normal working procedure, but let the parties so grateful to us? To be honest, for the past 20 years, I have experienced the different stages, from the initial "suspected crime from" a suspected crime "presumption of guilt to now the conflict of the presumption of innocence, from the previous" substantive justice "to ensure that the" procedural justice is now visible justice ". From the original to the defendant on the criminal to combat crime and protect human rights now both, theprocuratorate in winter相关的主题文章:

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