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Business The South Bay Real-Estate Market: Five Trends you need to Know If you are currently looking to invest in South Bay real-estate & then it is significant to know what you are getting yourself into. What are the market trends? Are property prices rising or falling? It is important to have a fine handle on the market before you make critical property investment decisions. So whether you are interested in a Manhattan Beach property/or in El Segundo/Redondo Beach, or Hermosa Beach homes/these are the top five recent, local, real estate trends you need to know: According to July 2009 stats/the Beach City real-estate market shows that inventory is down, sale volume is up & prices are significantly lower than they have been in the last three years. More people are buying South Bay real-estate now because it’s a huge time to buy. For Details of Prestige park Square call @ 8971315026 The economic climate of today is clearly is in the buyer’s favor. It’s a huge time for a bargain, if want to get more of a ‘bang for your buck.’ Historically/home prices were at their highest in Hermosa/El Segundo & North and South Redondo back in 2006. (In Manhattan Beach/however/the peak appears to have been as recent as 2008). Today/however/you can buy a property in Hermosa/El Segundo/or North or South Redondo for what properties in these regions were going for back in around 2003-2004. In Manhattan Beach, you should be able to buy real-estate at prices that homes there were worth there in 2005. Overall median price declines for all the Beach Cities seem to be averaging somewhere between 21%-25% from their respective peaks. Predictions are that prices will continue to slide in the South Bay real-estate market over the next six-nine months. For pre launch offer of Prestige park Square call @ 8971315026 If the recession begins to cool down before the end of the year, then prices will probably not fall much more than 7%-10%. But if it worsens, you can expect to see home prices falling at least 10% & perhaps even as much as 20% by year’s end. Banks are getting very tough not only on standards for a borrower but also on the ‘appraised’ value assigned to the property purchase. This means that banks are actually helping you/the buyer/by requiring sellers to ‘justify’ the prices that they ask you for. The seller must have sales data to prove that their asking price is legitimate, in accordance with today’s dropping housing prices. This provides you with an adequate extra-layer of protection against getting ripped off. Remember, you have the power in today’s real-estate market. This economic climate provides a unique chance for buyers in the South Bay region. So don’t be afraid to look now’s the time. For the Bookings of Prestige park Square call @ 8971315026 About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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