Exposing the ladies training class two or three days spent tens of thousands of shouting I am Queen musiland

Exposing the ladies training class: two or three days spent tens of thousands of shouting I am Queen Xu Yi – Sohu News Teaching Model step. The morning of June 26th 9, a four star hotel Shanghai Cha Xi Road Conference Hall, "wealth woman school socialite training class" started a new round of teaching. Simple stage Xuyi standing in the makeshift, and under the name Taiwan female interaction 50 sitting around the round table "to quickly change the United States, four cards printed with photos of her Yilabao oblique standing on both sides of the front door. Over forty years old, her nose is very high, thick false eyelashes and bright lipstick is very eye-catching. "Make yourself wear different clothes every day." She paced back and forth, a front and rear legs gently, very straight spine. The school hang out online courses including "Xing Wang family home", "first lady", "Queen of the gas field" and "aristocratic ladies", involves the relations between the sexes, tea, flower arranging, equestrian, golf etiquette, wine etc.. "Don’t you pay for it? We should find a professional designer to help you choose your clothes, also easy." Xu Yi pulls a voice to say. She is a vice president and lecturer of the women’s college. This training class in the search engine input "has become fashionable for a time, training class" entry in the Internet, to retrieve relevant information more than 92 locations, starting from the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities to 234 line city. But the surging news () survey found that this "wealth woman school socialite training class tutor advertised certificate hypnotist, the United Nations award title of honorary title of suspected fraud. Among them, according to the United Nations "of the school founder Han Aitong claimed was awarded the world peace prize, the United Nations envoy" reply said surging news did not establish the award; and the world famous overseas Chinese leader and social activist Chen Xiangmei as "the honorary Dean" core tutor show in "wealth woman school" website, she and Han Aitong’s "photo" was hung on the school website. But Chen Xiangmei’s daughter, said in response to this, Chen Meili, my mother does not have this title, do not remember a photo." The training course is expensive, the price of two or three days of courses ranging from $19800 to $50000, if a student can pull up to 10 people on the training course, you can extract from the tuition fee of 20%. In the city to join the agents need to pay 39 eight respectively to 2 million 280 thousand of the cost to become their partner". "Here is not to train entrepreneurs is the wife of entrepreneurs, the family is very rich, but do not know how to become elegant." The morning after the end of the course, Xuyi went back to the hotel room by young assistant, she left ten cm high heel shoes and go to the next window, lazy legged sit down. The bed and the table were piled up with her bags and clothes. A good assistant to wash fruit end in front of her, she picked up a nectarine from, gently bite a small mouth, "I love this, ah, such a good place." There is no mentor "world peace" title student Shi Qiu tall, wearing a shoulder chiffon dress collocation, a step skirt, "a little.相关的主题文章:

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