Expert North Korea launches missiles to pose a threat to Russia’s

Expert: North Korea’s missile threat to the Korean military parade show Russian long-range missile satellite news in Moscow in February 7, east of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Southeast Asia, Australia, director of the research center of Moscow University for the humanities area to the Russian stability department director Dmitri · Mo Natsu Kopf in an interview with RIA Novosti said, Japan and South Korea for ballistic missile and China, Russia and the United States are constitute a substantial threat to launch in North korea. North Korea launched a ballistic missile from the West Sea satellite launch site on Sunday. 10 minutes after the missile lifted off, it entered Japan’s Okinawa island airspace. Subsequently, the United States announced that North Korea is a missile launched towards the Yellow Hainan. CCTV claims that North Korea has successfully launched a "star light -4" satellite. Mo Natsu Kopf thinks it is ridiculous to talk about imposing sanctions, because North Korea has already been subjected to a series of sanctions, and North Korea has already established a self-sufficient economy. He said: "I think it will be once again to the North Korean authorities condemned and called for, called on Pyongyang to change on international policy and peaceful attitude, looking for the cross point. No one has the leverage to change, close, or impose sanctions". He also said he could not underestimate the military power of North korea. He said: "the DPRK has long been implementing the policy of survival in a global isolation, and this policy has been quite successful. In a way, out of the modern global policy, but with a strong military industrial complex, it really needs recognition. It’s not a hint of power, it’s a force of truth. This is a realistic missile that can be launched, and these missiles may have different versions, given the extent to which North Korea’s nuclear program is developed". On Sunday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Pyongyang, despite the appeal of the international community, once again displayed an attitude of defiance of international law. Moscow believes that the North Korean missile launch to the countries of the region’s security losses, first North Korea’s security, and caused tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the military confrontation. Russia strongly recommends that the DPRK top level seriously consider whether it is in the interests of Pyongyang to fight the whole international community.

专家:朝鲜发射导弹给俄罗斯稳定构成威胁 朝鲜阅兵式上展示远程导弹   俄罗斯卫星新闻莫斯科2月7日电 俄罗斯科学院东方研究所东南亚、澳大利亚研究中心主任、莫斯科人文大学地区学教研室主任德米特里·莫夏科夫在接受俄新社采访时候表示,朝鲜发射弹道导弹对于日本、韩国、中国、俄罗斯和美国均构成实质性威胁。   朝鲜周日从西海卫星发射场发射了一枚弹道导弹。导弹升空10分钟后进入日本冲绳岛领空。随后美国方面发布消息说,朝鲜是向黄海南部方向发射的导弹。朝鲜中央电视台宣称成功发射了一枚“光明星-4”号卫星。   莫夏科夫认为,谈及实施制裁很可笑,因为朝鲜早已经遭到一系列制裁,朝鲜早已建立自给自足的经济。他说:“我认为,这将是再一次对朝鲜当局的谴责和呼吁,呼吁平壤改变对国际政策和和平的态度,寻找交叉点。任何人都不拥有改变、封闭或者实施制裁的实际作用的杠杆”。   他还表示,不能轻视朝鲜的军力。他说:“朝鲜长期以来实施的政策是全球孤立的情况下生存,这种政策实施的相当成功。从某种程度来说,脱离现代全球政策,但却拥有强大的军事工业综合体,这需要的的确确承认。这不是暗示掌握力量,而是真实的力量。这是现实中的导弹,能够发射升空,而考虑到朝鲜核计划的发展程度,这些导弹可能存在不同的版本”。   俄外交部周日表示,平壤不顾国际社会的呼吁,再次展示出藐视国际法的态度。莫斯科认为,朝鲜发射导弹给该地区的各个国家的安全造成损失,首先是朝鲜自身的安全,并且导致朝鲜半岛局势紧张,军事对抗升级。俄罗斯强烈建议朝鲜高层认真考虑,与整个国际社会为敌是否符合平壤方面的利益。相关的主题文章:

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