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Excellent step to God? 10 years make you "flying" work – Beijing, want to be a "trapeze", "flying" to work every day? The best step in the United States boldly predicted that this idea will become a reality within 10 years. This taxi software developers, 27, published a white paper of up to 98 pages, depicting the future of flying to go to work a good picture, and to assess the feasibility of. Agence France-Presse reported that the two authors report, excellent step head of product development and product manager Holden Geoff? Nichil? Gore believes that excellent step air traffic will use the three-dimensional space, ease traffic pressure on the ground. It is similar to the way the city expands space through skyscrapers. Can take off and landing of small electric aircraft will build a fast and reliable transportation network between the suburbs, and ultimately achieve inter city air traffic. Over the past few decades, the vertical takeoff and landing aircraft has been the U.S. aircraft manufacturers, the military, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration of the object of study. Excellent step report that the latest technology has been able to create this zero emission, zero noise and other advantages of electric aircraft. The company is currently working to explore unmanned technology, said the future of the air taxi may eventually achieve full automation. However, to make this almost science fiction idea to become a reality, excellent step facing multiple challenges, for example, how to improve the flying cost? How to train pilots, approved by regulators? Holden believes that the biggest difficulty lies in whether the city can provide adequate aircraft landing. (Xinhua Chen Dan) [micro].相关的主题文章:

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