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Fashion-Style Cigarette smoking is injurious for health is a caution you must have read on every packet of cigarette sold out there. This is also true as the after effects associated with the smoking of cigarettes are far more than horrifying. There are many people who are addicted by this habit and cannot stay away from the same even after trying hard, just for such people; scientists have designed what are called the Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cig. These cigarettes use battery and are not filled with tobacco unlike the traditional cigarettes. The best E cigs are ones that pack no tar and no toxins. The harmful chemicals which are present in the traditional cigarettes are usually missing in the electronic counterpart. So, it means when smoking the electronic cigarette you are not ingesting the harmful chemicals like tar, carbon monoxide or others. Its said that a traditional cigarette packs around 4000 different kinds of toxins which are very harmful and these are not present in the battery operated cigarettes. When smoking quality electronic cigarettes you may actually smoke less than the normal ones. When smoking a normal cigarette after just taking few puffs you may feel its enough, but seeing that your money would get wasted you have the entire one. But, you can now get over this as the electronic cigarettes are not like these you can just take few puffs and keep them to be used for future. These cigarettes can be stored and used safely for any number of years and will help you in getting freedom from your bad habit of smoking. There are also cheap electronic cigarettes available easily which means you will not have to worry about the price tag when buying them. These cigarettes are usually referred as smokeless cigarettes and its safe for not just active smokers but also the passive or second hand smokers. These cigarettes can be smoked anywhere even when there is a no smoke board as there is actually no smoke released when smoking these battery operated cigarettes. Also, you will not have to worry about the battery, which usually works for very long. Even if it goes off you can now find the E-Cig Batteries which are sold as separate and you can easily get it for the model of cigarette you actually have. So, now get ready to enjoy the taste and flavor of a normal cigarette but while being away from the bad smoke and toxins. Get ready to forget about those ashtrays and burns that the normal cigarette may have caused you. Also, enjoy an improved self esteem as smoking these cigarettes will help in improving your self esteem and your image in the society. You can even say goodbye to that bad breath and smell which used to .e when you were smoking the normal cigarette as these electronic cigarettes are truly a no smoke and no smell version of the traditional cigarette but minus the harmful effects and toxins. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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