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Dream Road 1000 deep reorganization to produce beautiful answer – Beijing cctv.com news: reform is a relay race, only when there is no complete. Today, the central comprehensive deepening reform leading group (deep restructuring) was established for 1000 days. The 27 meeting, the 162 documents, not all the contents of the deep restructuring of the 1000 days, but it is driving China’s comprehensive deepening of reform of the weight of each acceleration increment. From the reform of state-owned enterprises to ecological civilization, from the judicial reform to the education fair, from the army to the defense of medicine and health, from the second to the football, from the residence to the poor…… Was to get a new machine, the reform of the "deep water" requires greater courage and higher efficiency. The overall design, co-ordination, overall progress, supervise the implementation of the responsibility and mission of the deep restructuring, and let the people live better is the vision and goals of the deep restructuring. "People’s yearning for a better life is our goal." This is the general secretary Xi Jinping made after the eighteen meeting with Chinese and foreign reporters to make a commitment. The 1000 day transcript is fulfilled, it is driven. Accounted for more than 25% top-level design to highlight the people’s livelihood "our people love life, looking forward to a better education, more stable jobs, more income, more reliable social security, higher levels of health care services, more comfortable living conditions and more beautiful environment, children can look forward to grow better, work better and live better." In 2012, the general secretary Xi Jinping with 10 more words bluntly the Chinese pursuit of people in the new era. The new stage of development is bound to have new demands for reform. November 12, 2013, the Third Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the CPC Central Committee adopted the decision on deepening the reform of a number of major issues of the CPC Central Committee, launched a comprehensive deepening of reform in. In January 22, 2014, the first meeting of the central deep restructuring to show the mechanism of appearance, China leader headed 3 Politburo Standing Committee: Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan, Zhang Gaoli as deputy leader, constitute the supreme command decision-making. Ultra high specification staffing, rare in history, but the people’s livelihood, it is worth all the top concerns and attention. People only state, Motoko Kunine. The development of "people centered thought embodied in all aspects of economic and social development, what do people care about and what to expect, we must seize the reform and promote what what, people bring more sense through reform." Xi Jinping comprehensively deepen reform in the central leading group of the twenty-third meeting stressed. According to statistics, since the 1000 day, the central comprehensive deepening of reform leading group held 27 meetings, a total consideration of the rules, plans, opinions and other important documents in 162 copies, 151 copies of documents passed, which involves the social reform of people’s livelihood files up to 47 copies, accounting for more than 25%. In 2014, the central deep reform group held 8 meetings, the examination and approval of documents 37; 2015, held 11 meetings, the examination and approval of documents in 65; in 2016, 9 months before the 8 meeting held deep reform group, and review)相关的主题文章:

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