Dragon Quest x reached 1 million in China wallpaper slime Crusade released g-area meru

Dragon Quest X reached 1 million in China wallpaper slime Crusade released the 7.7 CGWR score novice card booking | quest Sina X game news September 20th news, Shanda agent Japanese national level RPG game Dragon Quest "X" the first test has been successfully concluded, the official recently pushed out millions of slime task Crusade has also been reached. As of the latest crusade against a total of 1064815, successfully unlocked "national costume exclusive wallpaper". Wallpaper Download: Click to download (1920× 1080) (1280× 720) Click to download the "Dragon Quest" X is Japan’s DQ square Nicks series tenth orthodox works by Akira Toriyama masters as set design, DQ series director Horii Yuji and the "Baby Magic" father Saito Yousuke as producer. The announcement of the national service exclusive wallpaper is drawn for the Japanese team Chinese game player, thank you for the "Dragon Quest X" attention and support. As a national level RPG series, "Dragon Quest" X inherited the DQ series rich view of the world, unique half round and rich leisure unique gameplay also once again demonstrates the pure Japanese boutique RPG charm. In the legitimacy of the quality of the Japanese RPG no doubt under the call, DQ rice with the heart of the increasingly intense, but also the formation of the current high expectations in china. The DQX activity of slime slime crusade comes! "Dragon Quest" X the worst game – millions of slime crusade! For the "slime" to a perfect home run, every time after the play will show individual scores and all game player game player common cumulative number of slime crusade. Through the joint Crusade warriors DQ, cumulative kills has broken million, this is just a small target "Dragon Quest" X. I believe we can pass the fun of the game to more people! Pure RPG experience DQX popular   DQX first test; the first test popular   Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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