Do You Have This Prosperity Blocking

There is a sneaky disease a lot of good folks are walking around with and they do not even realize it. The disease is "Resistance to Receiving" Here are some signs you may have this disease. !. You are surrounded by those who do not appreciate you. 2. You are stuck in a dead end job and not appreciated. 3. You keep attracting "Loser Lovers". 4. You think it is noble to be "poor and suffering". 5. You think it is your job to save the whole world. 6. You attract clients but none of them can pay you much. 7. Nobody listens to your advice anyway. In short. if your life is not rapidly towards where you you want to be, you likely have some form of this disease. More facts… There are 3 basic kinds of people. !. People who feel a sense of "entitlement"- like the world owes them something. We all know folks like that, they ask for a ride and never offer to pay for gas. These people generally expect to get everything for free. 2. People who do not know how to receive. They feel un.fortable when someone offers them a .pliment, or to buy them lunch.. ( these people have the disease ,"resistance to receiving") 3. People who are balanced in the giving and receiving dept. They know that there must be both giving and receiving to bring balance. The dear ones I want to address are number 2 – "people who can’t receive." You know, you could take classes on "manifesting " till you are blue in the face but until you transform those icky feelings around receiving, it will do no good. Your mouth could be saying, "Yes, I want to receive but your energy is saying, "No, I don’t feel .fortable receiving" Guess which energy the universe responds to? Here is my concern… I want you to receive all the great and wonderful things the universe has for you but consider this. If you are a healer and you have trouble receiving, your vibration is going to be giving off "resistance to receiving" – (Any one who wants to help others is a healer) How could you expect your clients to ‘receive’ healing through you? Not only that but you could likely attract plenty of # 1 type people who want everything for nothing. WHY, because the universe always seeks to balance itself. You may notice ( if you have trouble receiving) that you already have attracted a whole bunch of those who want your services for nothing. Oh and by the way, folks who want everything for nothing are not ready to heal anyway. So, do you want to shift gears and move into being balanced about both giving and receiving? Do you need a little help accepting how valuable and wonderful you are? Are you ready to shift your energy and attract people who are ready for what you have to offer? Are you sick of attracting energy vampires without knowing why? DO NOT take any more manifesting classes until you heal this "resistance to receiving",. Why waste any more time and finance when you may have this HUGE block to your flow? I remember the day, I realized I had this condition. A friend had invited me to lunch and when the check came, she said, "Please, let me get it". I said, "Oh no, I can’t let you do that". She just looked at me and said, "Rebecca, it is just as important to receive as it is to give". Well, that is all it took for me to start balancing my energy. Her wise words kept ringing in my ears. Awareness is so important. So, please make a conscious choice to allow others be blessed and learn how to receive joyfully. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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