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Earning money online has become very easy these days. There are lots of opportunities available on the internet and lots of people are taking this opportunity to earn a huge amount of money. You might be aware of blogging which has become quite popular. But do you know what is exactly meant by blogging? Do know how to blog? If you are looking for answers to these questions then you are surely at the right place. A blog is actually a website which is used to document as well as chronicle a persons experience or even opinion about a particular subject. Some blogs are public while others are personal which can be used just like a diary which is online. Blogs are also used in the business where it helps to create a feeling of community inside the company. People even include videos and photos in this website. Business institutions even utilize blogs as one of the best marketing strategies. If you are interested to earn money online with the help of the blogs then you must first of all learn how to blog and then start learning about blog marketing. To start earning money online you need to set up a blog. Setting up the website is not very complicated. There are usually certain websites which act as a platform for the formation and the creation of the blog site. So in the beginning you need to create an account with these websites and there you will find all the steps on how to create the blog. After you have followed the steps and created your blog you need to start blogging effectively. Now you might wonder how to blog effectively so that you can start having a steady income. First of all you will have to pick up a niche. A niche is actually the subject on which you will be blogging. It is important to pick up those niches in which people will be interested. Each and every niche might not be addressed to all your visitors. So it is better to decide a target audience and then pick up the niche. It is true that there are certain niches which will help you make more money than the others. You need to be clever enough to choose those niches. You also need to start blog marketing if you want to earn huge money. For this you will first have to create a good looking and attractive website. After this you can out relevant google adsense ads so that you get proper traffic. But you also need to make sure that your website is not full of advertisements. This might irritate the visitors and they might never return to your website. Other than this, you must also create a good network. You can create a link with other bloggers who love to read. You must also make sure that you stick with this idea because it might take a bit longer for the blogs to achieve success. 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