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Yang Yuanqing dialogue: Lenovo Mobile Phone walking the fine line is certainly true – Sohu technology Sohu science and technology news in September 6th, Lenovo launched its modular mobile phone Moto Z, at the Beijing conference, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing and Motorola Chinese product director of operations peak accept media interviews, science and technology Sohu. Yang Yuanqing said that the failure of Moto in the transformation of smart phones, so that Moto lost in Europe, China’s market, Lenovo will take a long time to bring back to the peak Moto. He is also on the Moto mobile phone module and proposes three strict requirements: mobile phone itself is the flagship, connection is smooth and stable, and the hot swappable module is fine. For lenovo mobile phone in the future Chinese market strategy, Yang Yuanqing said, must adhere to technical products and brands "walking on two legs", Lenovo still has a strong background in technology, mobile phone fine line strategy is correct, in time of lenovo mobile phone will usher in a renaissance in the Chinese market. Here are the main points of the media Q & A: Q: because there are a lot of brands around the world when it’s fading, it’s hard to get up again. Moto has declined, how to make it up to the height of the year? Yang Yuanqing: if we don’t have the confidence, we won’t make that decision. Because the company’s heritage and culture in this place, even for two times will not change. Moto was just because of strategic mistakes, such as the function of the phone to the smart phone this slow. But in some technical aspects, such as the voice of the technical language, only the old communications companies can do. Lenovo mobile phone in China, in other emerging markets overseas have done well. We feel that we have to fight to the developed countries, the United States or other markets we are not lack of technology and products, the lack of a brand and patent. Patents in particular, have been troubling us for a long time. If there is no Moto, Lenovo needs to pay a lot of third parties to pay royalties of $25%, after buying Moto only need to pay less than 10%. Q: users do not have to know your phone is not good, how to do? At the same time, how can let Moto keep up with the rhythm? Yang Yuanqing: are both products and brand, Apple’s success lies in the two complement each other, so we must walk on two legs, technology and brand building products. First, it is necessary to spend money to do the brand itself, the two is to through market activities. Lenovo will force the world together, the United States is now the first listed, China and other markets and then listed. China is completely independent, such as ZUK based on the development of the Chinese market, more emphasis on cost-effective, and Moto should go in the high-end. Q: do our users have specific positioning? Yang Yuanqing: our global positioning is the standard apple and Samsung, and not domestic brand than the Internet, isn’t that kind of a positioning. Q: Lenovo in the choice of partners, why not other Hasselblad? Yang Yuanqing: This is a high-end product,.相关的主题文章:

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