Department of defense to respond to the Sino US cooperation between the two armies to stop or be aff

Defense Department to respond to the Sino US military cooperation is due to differences or to stop or be affected – – People’s network, Beijing, August (25) (Qiu Yue) this afternoon, the Ministry of defense held a regular press conference. Deputy director of the information bureau, Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Qian said the two sides should strengthen dialogue and communication between the two armies, exchanges and cooperation, properly handle differences and sensitive issues, and promote the healthy and steady development of relations between the two armies. Reporter: just mentioned, the United States and Australia held joint training in australia. Since August, Sino US military exchanges are also many, including the "Ford" destroyer and the Pacific Fleet’s visit to Qingdao, and the United States Army chief of staff Mark Millay’s visit to China, all these happen? "Sade" missile system deployed in the South China Sea and South Korea after the arbitration decision, whether it is shown that although the major issues are very the differences between two sides, but also have the tacit understanding, exchanges and cooperation between the two armies will not stop due to differences or affected? Wu Qian: Sino US military relations are an important part of Sino US relations. A healthy and stable military relations is of great significance for the development of bilateral relations. China attaches great importance to the development of Sino US military relations and has made unremitting efforts. We believe that the maintenance and development of any kind of relationship requires the joint efforts of both sides. We believe that China and the United States should strengthen dialogue, communication, exchanges and cooperation between the two militaries, properly handle differences and sensitive issues, and promote the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations. The Department of defense August 2016 regular press conference: Department of Defense: the reform of military news media and other areas will gradually implement the Ministry of defence: Sino Russian Lianyan topic of beauty in Korea deploy "Sade" for the Department of defense joint maritime defense action: opened "Pandora’s box" Department of defense on the first domestic aircraft carrier "is Yan values. More temperament" in response to the Department of defense military art groups "how many people will be changed because of the laid-off or dismissed" the Department of Defense: Wang India to do more peace and stability in the border areas. The Department of Defense: the army 18 Army division will shrink into "pure speculation in response to the Department of defense" Chinese fighters briefly over the overlap region in South Korea Air Defense Identification Zone defense: "North Korean soldiers carrying weapons across the border into the Chinese" pure fabrication Department of defense: Japan is not the parties in the South China Sea issue, the South China Sea dispute has no right to intervene in the Department of defense response to so-called "China increased activities in the vicinity of the Diaoyu Islands" (Cao Kun, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章:

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