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"Dead house," forced the Communist state, people become human hater "Dostoevsky Toy Jef J Ki: the suffering age," 1850-1859, [US] Joseph · Frank, Liu Jialin, Guangxi Normal University press August 2016 Dostoevsky Toy Jef J Ki’s house of the dead time to let him come into contact with the amount of people (and, true and Holy) inhuman despicable evil live together. Critical juncture, almost everyone will cross the normal social barriers, making a violent move, thus completely determined his fate. The story of Dostoevsky Toy Jef J Ki from the side can hear any crazy behavior compared with the full in his youth in the imagination of the Gothic novels and romantic literature, and these stories are ordinary Russians monotonous, dirty part of life. Therefore, the great works of Dostoevsky’s later is considered a combination of romantic and bizarre Russian prosaic daily life, it is not surprising. If Dostoevsky than any other novelist can will improve melodrama murder plot to senior level of tragedy, it is because he experienced, he was thrown into such a world, the sensational melodrama is far better than simple literary practice. He can feel his pulse in the rush, he is forced to stay together morning and night from his people taken to the mouth. In the case of Toy Jef J Ki’s imaginative grasp of human experience, the impact of such contact is of course enormous, and his later character formation has a qualitative leap, both in depth and in height. However, there is a special aspect of camp life, and later became the most prominent symbol of his genius. "Dead house," including a series of analysis, unconscious impulses to focus on human psychology, describes itself, it must confirm the inherent dignity of the irresistible need. This need is very bossy, when depressed environment labor camps can’t let it find the normal vent, it takes all sorts of irrational, absurd and even self destructive form of smash out — its behavior at first glance seems completely unpredictable, it is difficult to explain. Dostoevsky is always concerned due to the lack of freedom of personality deformity, he explored the theme in the earlier novels, but I was just skimming over the surface. Labor camp gave him a unique perspective, can study extreme psychological pressure of people, their behavior in response to stress extreme crazy. Once the full grasp of Dostoevsky’s insight into the ability of the environment, he can understand, even if it is the challenge of rational behavior is the real human needs of product and non completely beyond the human moral bottom line of Garcia Modoo, the fallen devil. In fact, if we will know his psychological environment and values with them to separate, we cannot truly understand Dostoevsky and world outlook. Because Toy Jef J Ki believed that only by acknowledging and relieving the pent up demand of the human spirit, the laws of the human race finally proved to be feasible. Two people often say, Dostoevsky in labor camps that "human nature", "evil" that scared him to accept a.相关的主题文章:

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