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Cyprus passport gold to enhance the successful transformation of "springboard" – outdoor Sohu since 2016, Cyprus immigration policy positive frequent, the EU passport has been trust in the world are very high, now upgrade again. The U.S. State Department today updated visa free visit program, Cyprus became the thirty-ninth eligible countries enjoy visa free visit to the United States, means that the future of Cyprus passport holders need a visa to visit the United States no longer, the European "springboard" into "America" springboard. Cansine) (immigration experts believe that Cyprus has become the most favorable investment in the holy land, not without reason. As a European passport upgrade to "global passport" EU passport is the EU passport, EU member country of citizenship are EU citizens, holding any country of the passport has received the equivalent in other countries free of work and residence permit, and enjoy the welfare and interests of the country and equal citizens the. Look at the immigration market, although many immigration projects, but can not sign the United States is not much, and in these countries can get a passport is less and less. Cyprus, as one of the few countries that can sign up to the United States to open a form of investment to get a passport, it can be said to be invested 2 million euros on the customer’s dream of the United states! In addition, Cyprus is about to join the Schengen, Cyprus immigrants will be able to hold a passport free travel Schengen countries, higher gold content. Of course, in addition to a tour of Europe, Cyprus is also the most popular places for multinational companies. The lowest rate of enterprise development space large Cyprus’s corporate income tax rate of 12.5%, is the lowest in the European Union, dividend income, overseas permanent establishment earnings and sales of securities income tax exemption of income, payment from Cyprus dividend, interest and royalty withholding tax is levied on Cyprus in 45 countries, has been completed to avoid signed a double taxation agreement. Cyprus has become an ideal choice for international tax planning for multinational companies and one of the most favored by international tax planners. Many entrepreneurs have already begun to use the Cyprus passport to overseas companies listed offshore trust, etc., which are the most favorable verification of the use of Cyprus passport. Cyprus immigrants to achieve investment overseas investors and asset allocation planning. The purchase price is also high investment immigration directly for Cypriot passport project is more efficient, but the application cost is relatively high, buyers can also get a passport for naturalization of immigrants. Cyprus mature local real estate development, housing construction quality, energy, environmental protection, earthquake resistance, engineering and other indicators are up to EU standards. Real estate income is considerable, the latest statistics, the annual rental income in Cyprus remained at around 4% to about $7%. The steady growth of the economy and the development of the tourism industry have greatly promoted the development of the housing industry. Now the real estate market in Cyprus has warmed up, the future is expected to have a substantial growth. Investment property in Cyprus has a lot of room for appreciation, is a good choice for wealth appreciation and global allocation, favored by Chinese investors. Cyprus is a rich Mediterranean country!相关的主题文章:

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