Cui Jian talk about the concert rules too much is not easy to innovate candy candy

Cui Jian concert: "rules" too much is not easy innovation Nanyin Wen Zhang Dawei Xia Qi photography camera Sina entertainment Cui Jian "rolling 30" sports field million concert begins soon, when interviewed he frowned, that do not understand many "". Despite 30 years of rock, but this is the first time he stood 40 thousand people to Beijing held a singing, the old gun son first deep and all-around feel at home to do a big rock singing difficult and difficult, largely from censorship and security policy. Rules too much, Cui Jian admitted that the artist wants to stage innovation is not easy. Ask him which spans 30 years of classic rock field has many breakthroughs, he replied: "we are very straightforward than conventional past performances, certainly a lot of innovation, but for the western rock music fans, and may not be an accident, they have been watching too much." Is not considered by young people like? Cui Jian: Chinese real contact with rock little interview, Cui Jian said that in fact is the first time on the field of such a giant stage, for tens of thousands of people to open a song. For rock and roll is not the mainstream of China, this step he did not quickly realize. Asked has yet to hold large singing, Cui Jian said that on the one hand from the censorship, they have no ten years in Beijing to engage in large-scale performances; on the one hand, some people think that his music is out now young people like the music styles and forms, and adhere to a certain degree of rock will not easily change a good commercial performances, so many young people may…… At least we are not the image they are paying attention to." But Cui Jian then changed the subject, said "young man" and "young person" is not the same category. Have this idea to them, is the "young people" the proportion of the sample concentrated often watch TV audiences in, rather than the direct rock fans. As a result, Cui Jian believes that the "outdated theory," some ridiculous, "China rarely really touch the rock. Real rock and roll in the arena, the stadium to perform a handful. So don’t think the rock and roll that you see on TV is really rock music. It is through the visual TV show for others to see things, the so-called modern art in television, are based packaging, hair dye, dancing, finished the story, and the shock rock music needs on television could not complete, no sound, singing, the band almost no interaction, no real the audience…… The rock and roll music on TV is heavily tied." So this is how the show? Cui Jian: I hope to be able to talk about it after also said Cui Jian wanted this "rolling 30" concert will become a "time stamp", has been for the past and the "nothing" and other songs and love his music on the infected friends, he thought that fate can not be broken, but the classic classic. Sing to sing, and they are now doing what kind of music is an important part of the meeting will be singing, with fans to share only this, Cui Jian said not to take care of too many people, "which is a little experiment." Ask him this across 30 years.相关的主题文章:

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