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Beauty When you think of cosmetic medicine and celebrities, certain names, like Joan Rivers and Heidi Montag, instantly .e to mind as they have openly admitted to having undergone plastic surgery to improve their looks. Recent news has included Charice Pempengco in the roster of famous personalities who have had cosmetic intervention. Charice, who is 18 years old, recently had Botox injections and Thermage treatments in preparation for her debut in a hit TV show. According to reports, the procedures were intended to make her face look fresh and to soften her jawline. This piece of news brought to fore the issue of cosmetic medicine and teenagers. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) disclosed that nearly 210,000 teens from 13 to 19 years of age received cosmetic plastic surgery in 2009. Despite several reports that the number of children seeking cosmetic enhancements are rising, data from the ASPS belie this assertion. According to the Plastic Surgery Statistics for 2008, there were 219,136 cosmetic procedures performed on the same age group during the said year. From the foregoing information, a slight decline in the number of teenage patients in 2009 can be observed. Despite this decrease, several people still felt outraged that the youth of today are even electing to change their appearance via cosmetic medicine. Some people get cosmetic surgery to improve their health. For instance, some people have health .plications because of their weight, so they get surgery to improve the quality of their lives. Many people choose to fix their health problems with cosmetic surgery because losing weight is very hard for them. Some people get cosmetic surgery because they have been involved in an accident like a car accident, fire, work accident, or injury. Accidents can leave people deformed, but cosmetic surgery can improve their appearance. Some people get cosmetic surgery because they want to boost their appearance and self esteem. Many people get cosmetic surgery because they are depressed and very unhappy with their bodies or faces and they want to fix their imperfections. Many people want to correct their nose, ears, tummy, legs, buttocks, breasts, etc. If surgery contributes to someone’s self esteem and happiness, than who are we to judge them? Cosmetic surgery has changed to so many lives for the better and it has helped many people achieve the figures they have always dreamed of. Many people report that they are happier with their lives because they had surgery. They look better and feel better too. If you are not happy with your looks, you may want to consider getting plastic surgery. Just make sure you do it for the right reasons. Make sure you educate yourself about the procedure you want to have done. Take the time to find a .petent plastic surgeon. Make sure you understand the risks that are associated with cosmetic surgery and what you are getting yourself into before you make a move. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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