Cool acid cannot be overstepped the law

"Cool acid" cannot be overstepped the law recently, Shenzhen traffic police to administer "indiscriminate beam", in addition to make punishment according to law and points out, also asked the driver to sit in the "green chair" on the high beam light for a minute. We believe that this treatment is not a legal basis for Shenzhen traffic police, is illegal. Although traffic violations, indiscriminate beam is very dangerous, so many people hate, but to control the illegal behavior, but can not replace violence with violence ", should be made within the scope of the law. According to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" and the "Shenzhen special economic zone violations of road traffic safety regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations, legal punishment in Shenzhen illegal use of light is a fine of 300 yuan, and 1 points. This is the law, the law should not break, should not be outside the law to engage in punishment, which is bound to be illegal – Shenzhen traffic police have no power to create new content and means of punishment outside the law. Or that sentence, the right can not be capricious". The law does not authorize the police to make such a punishment, then the police can not do, should not do, do have to accept responsibility. At present, the new media terminal of the procuratorial daily published an article, a loudspeaker: "the illegal traffic police in Shenzhen". And to allow citizens to stare at a distance from the car to see the lights for a minute, there is a risk of injury caused by fundus pathology, especially for some light sensitive crowd. Did the police take into account such serious consequences? Those who send cheap applause of the crowd, did not want to think of possible personal injury problems? Indeed, we hate those uncivilized driving behavior, sometimes feel inadequate legal punishment, but should do is to promote the revision of the law, or the innovation of social management, strengthening the illegal responsibility of drivers through credit management measures, rather than a sudden slip to "outside the law punishment". In short, in the rule of law, the police can not think that the punishment of law is not enough, and we feel that the "fun" and "fun" is free to create "extrajudicial punishment". This measure appears to be effective, sour cool, in fact, may undermine the foundation of the rule of law.相关的主题文章:

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