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Arts-and-Entertainment For Cobra Group PLC UK, it has always been a ‘No arrogance; no failure’ policy. Al Ries and Jack Trout, in their much-acknowledged book ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing ‘ point out that Success often leads to arrogance, and arrogance to failure. This of course holds true for people from all walks of life and we have had many instances of successful men turning arrogant and this arrogance leading them to the abysses of failure. Anyhow, for the Cobra Group, it has been not so. The .pany has been registering success stories one after the other in the direct marketing sector, ever since it was formed, two decades ago. But it’s to be noted that success has never taken to the head of any single sales or marketing professional associated with the .pany. Arrogance has always been a far-off thing and this has kept them and the .pany afloat at all times, even when the goings turned tough for others. The Cobra Group has always made it a point not to be carried away by success. Every success has been seen as the stepping stone leading on to more successes. The .pany always seeks to remind its members that many a great empires had fallen and crumbled to dust simply because of pride and arrogance and that many great achievers, who had let themselves be carried away by success. What all the .pany has achieved in the last two decades, by dint of hard work, careful, strategic planning and perseverance has earned for it a credibility among the masses. It’s this credibility and the kind of camaraderie it has won over that keeps things ticking well for the .pany, which banks on innovative strategies and carefully worked out marketing techniques. To lose it, and that too by being arrogant, would be a folly. Cobra Group PLC UK knows this and hence seeks to be a friend of the masses, seeking to bring to them the best of brands and marketing the same using the best of direct marketing techniques and delivering to the client .panies the best of results, in terms of high volume customer acquisitions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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