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Health Anyone considering a job as a registered nurse at some point in his or her life, should consider being a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA first. CNA’s typically work off the instructions of nurses, rather than doctors. They are involved in everyday care for their patients from cleaning to feeding them as well as administering medication, checking vitals and the like. Basically the more routine things for people who are in long-term care. The educational part of a CNA has much to do with the medical facilities or schools in the area that offer normally six through twelve weeks of learning. Once this has been .pletely, you can start in a facility where you are put directly in touch with patients on a day-to-day basis. Of course, the requirements for this certification, as in any certification, will vary from state to state, so please check this out if you are considering work as a CNA. On of the more delightful aspects of being a CNA, is that you do have your patients assigned to you, therefore you get into a routine for their care. Helping people who are ill to receive the best care possible during their illness, or helping others to recover from either surgery or illness can be very fulfilling, indeed. You must absolutely be a "people person" in this respect, because they will be your life for each shift. Speaking of shifts, the ones give to CAN’s are normally round the clock, so you will need to be flexible if you are to be successful as a CNA, with regard to your time. Weekly schedules are normally posted for all who work as CNA’s in a given facility, but be prepared to be called to stay an extra or "double shift", at times. This happens when someone on the schedule cannot make it for illness or another purpose. The actual work involved in this has much to do with your patient’s needs. Whether scheduled bathing is required, dispensing of meds, or even meals, you’ll have your hands full. Sometimes, patients will ring for you for other things, too. You will need to be.e familiar with what you can and cannot provide for a patient in this job, but you will also have plenty of supervision. One thing that won’t be tolerated at facilities that employ CNA’s is skipping any of the daily duties that are required, per patient. The items that must be addressed and can never be delayed are the dispensing of meds, moving the body to eliminate bed sores, bathing and eating. Sometimes patients will need assistance in merely taking a walk about the grounds, especially if he or she was active prior to surgery or illness. This in itself can be very rewarding, for you will have a chance to talk with them, as well as being able to help them feel better. Indeed, being a CNA is something that you should consider, if you really like helping people who need assistance with health care. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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