Chinese Spring Festival holiday sales of approximately 7540 billion monkey type gold and silver

Chinese Spring Festival holiday sales of about 754 billion yuan of new agency monkey gold and silver jewelry – Sohu financing in Beijing in February. 13,   (reporter Zhou Yin) 2016 China Spring Festival Golden Week market rich, prosperous consumption. According to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring China, new year’s Eve to the beginning of the six month (February 7th to 13), the national retail and catering enterprises to achieve sales of about 754 billion yuan (RMB, same below), an increase of 11.2% over last year the Spring Festival Golden week. During the Spring Festival Golden Week, local businessmen to seize the popular holiday time, carefully organized various promotional activities, creating a strong atmosphere of festival consumption, promote the holiday sales. Beijing launched the "2016 Beijing City celebrate Spring Festival celebration activities, including a large set of special purchases for the Spring Festival sale, special purchases for the Spring Festival the dinner on New Year’s Eve reservation, and a number of theme promotion delicacy. Hebei held the seventh "happy Hebei happy purchase" activities, covering "Hui purchase, Huimin, Hui play, Hui eat" four plates, to achieve sales of 8 billion 70 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that, Chongqing, Hubei, Guangxi key monitoring business enterprises during the golden week of Spring Festival, sales increased by 12.6%, 12.3% and 11.2%, respectively, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Heilongjiang increased by 10.8%, 10.5% and 10.5%, respectively. The year of monkey in addition to full flavor of traditional consumption accounted for the main elements of gold and silver jewelry market, the monkey also sought after by consumers, Hubei companies focus on monitoring the gold and silver jewelry sales rose 22%; Beijing mouth department, Guohua shopping malls during the holiday traffic than the same period last year increased by about 10%. In addition, the sales of information products represented by smart phones, tablet PCs and wearable devices continued to be hot, and the sales of communications equipment in Ningxia, Liaoning, Jilin and Inner Mongolia increased by 41.9%, 20.6%, 10.7% and 8.5%, respectively. During the Spring Festival, the food and beverage market is booming. Family reunion dinner, family dinners become the protagonist, "Internet plus" to help the food industry to upgrade. Many famous catering enterprises in Beijing are booked up for the New Year dinner, and the annual lunch rate is more than 80%. Hangzhou’s catering enterprises are hard to get a new year’s Eve dinner. Chongqing axingji Hotel, Hotel Heyder and other 27 catering enterprises by the U.S. group and Baidu Nuomi business platform to launch big rice and vegetable roll purchase tickets, sales revenue of 8 million 370 thousand yuan, an increase of 16.6%. At the same time, cultural leisure is widely favored. First day to third grade, the national film box office accumulated nearly 1 billion 700 million yuan, nearly last year’s golden week total box office, an increase of about 80%. The success of the Winter Olympic bid drives the skiing craze, and the ski resorts in Beijing, Hebei and other places have a great flow of people. The people welcome the new year through the way of sports and fitness. The consumption patterns of folk activities, leisure tourism, cultural entertainment and so on are welcomed by Chinese people. Experiential consumption and emotional consumption become the trend. Beijing Ditan, the Longtan Temple Fair launched nearly 170 games, folk art performances, the first and fifth received a total of 1 million 620 thousand foreign tourists trips. Ministry of Commerce said, from the monitoring situation, during the Spring Festival Golden Week, the market supply is sufficient, rich varieties, prices are generally stable. Author: Zhou Yin 中国春节长假销售额约7540亿元 猴式金银饰品受宠-搜狐理财   中新社北京2月13日电  (记者 周音)2016年中国春节黄金周市场年味浓、消费旺。据中国商务部监测,除夕至正月初六(2月7日至13日),全国零售和餐饮企业实现销售额约7540亿元(人民币,下同),比去年春节黄金周增长11.2%。  春节黄金周期间,各地商家抓住节日旺销时机,精心组织各类促销活动,营造浓厚的节日消费氛围,有力促进了节日市场销售。北京推出“喜迎新春―2016北京城里过大年”活动,包括年货展卖、年货大集、年夜饭预订、美食推广等多项主题。河北举办第七届“幸福河北欢乐购”活动,涵盖“惠购、惠民、惠玩、惠吃”四大板块,实现销售额80.7亿元。值得一提的是,重庆、湖北、广西重点监测商贸企业春节黄金周期间,销售额同比分别增长12.6%、12.3%和11.2%,陕西、天津、黑龙江分别增长10.8%、10.5%和10.5%。  猴年春节除了年味十足的传统消费占主要市场外,猴元素金银饰品也受到消费者追捧,湖北重点监测企业金银珠宝销售额同比增长22%;北京菜市口百货、国华商场节日期间客流量比去年同期增长10%左右。  此外,以智能手机、平板电脑、可穿戴设备为代表的信息类产品销售持续火爆,宁夏、辽宁、吉林、内蒙古通讯器材销售额同比分别增长41.9%、20.6%、10.7%和8.5%。  春节期间,餐饮市场生意兴隆。团圆家宴、亲朋聚餐成为主角,“互联网+”助力餐饮行业转型升级。北京众多知名餐饮企业年夜饭预订一空,“年中饭”预订率也超过八成。杭州各大餐饮企业年夜饭一座难求。重庆阿兴记大饭店、海德酒店等27家餐饮企业通过美团、百度糯米等电商平台推出年夜饭团购券,实现销售收入837万元,同比增长16.6%。  与此同时,文化休闲广受青睐。初一到初三全国电影票房累计近17亿元,接近去年春节黄金周总票房,同比增长约80%。冬奥申办成功带动滑雪热,北京、河北等地滑雪场人流如潮,民众通过运动健身的方式迎接新年到来。民俗活动、休闲旅游、文化娱乐等消费方式受到国人欢迎,体验式消费、情感式消费成为趋势。北京地坛、龙潭庙会推出近170场文艺、民俗演出,初一至初五共接待中外游客162万人次。  商务部称,从监测情况看,春节黄金周期间,各地市场货源充足、品种丰富、价格总体平稳。  作者:周音相关的主题文章:

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