China intends to repair the three foreign law and other FTA pilot measures will rise to law borderland

Chinese intends to amend the foreign three methods such as the FTA pilot measures to rise for the news agency of the new network in Beijing law on 29 August, (reporter Liang Xiaohui Guo Jinchao Ma Haiyan) Chinese intends to revise the "People’s Republic of China foreign enterprise law" and "People’s Republic of China Sino foreign joint ventures" "People’s Republic of China Sino foreign cooperative enterprise law" (hereinafter referred to as "foreign investment law three") and "People’s Republic of China Taiwan compatriots investment protection law", the 4 laws in the Chinese trade in the pilot measures in law. 29, 2009, the draft amendments to the draft law of the 4 to the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the twenty-second meeting. A draft amendment to the 4 laws were to add a rule to implement access special management measures not involving the provisions of the state, the relevant examination and approval to the record management; state access special management measures issued by the State Council or approved. On the same day, Chinese commerce minister Gao Hucheng stated in the draft amendments that, in August 30, 2013, the National People’s Congress passed the "on the authorization of the State Council in Chinese (Shanghai) free trade test area to temporarily adjust the relevant laws and regulations of the administrative examination and approval decision", authorized by the State Council in Shanghai to suspend the implementation of the FTA "part of the administrative examination and approval stipulated in three" method, to record management. Authorized decision, the above reform measures in three years of trial, proved to be feasible, should be amended to improve the relevant laws". He said the authorization will expire in September 30, 2016. After the assessment of the parties concerned, more than two years, the pilot conducted in the free trade area has achieved remarkable results, with the conditions of the copy promotion. To this end, the need to be in accordance with the NPC Standing Committee authorized the decision on the three foreign investment law, the reform measures in the FTA will rise to law." He also said, according to the December 28, 2014 twelfth session of the Twelfth Meeting of the NPC Standing Committee on the "authorized by the State Council in China China (Guangdong) free trade zone, Chinese (Tianjin) free trade zone, free trade zone (Fujian) and China (Shanghai) free trade zone expansion area to temporarily adjust the relevant legal provisions the administrative examination and approval decision", "People’s Republic of China Taiwan compatriots investment protection law" to modify the contents of the revised proposal together. It is necessary to specify that the amendment is subject to the National People’s Congress approved the decision of the duration and the requirements of the subject matter, does not involve other matters." Gao Hucheng said that with the continuous deepening of reform and development, the three foreign investment law and the Taiwan compatriots investment protection law, there are some major issues need to study and modify the People’s Republic of China. At present, in accordance with the central deployment and requirements, the relevant departments are stepping up efforts to carry out the work on the topic, "will modify content other than take into consideration". (end)相关的主题文章:

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