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China developed the world’s first hepatitis E vaccine for the first time in the new export – Beijing, Xiamen on 26 August, (Yao Jingfu Rhododendron) a group of 300 Hepatitis E Vaccine and related kit 26 through the Xiamen Haicang entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau on-site inspection qualified, will be exported to Bangladesh for scientific research activities. This is the world’s first Chinese developed hepatitis E vaccine market since the first time out of the country. This vaccine of hepatitis E, led by Professor Xia Ningshao the dean of the Xiamen University School of public health Xiamen University national infectious disease diagnostics and vaccine Engineering Technology Research Center, which lasted 14 years successfully developed; by Xiamen innovax biotech Co. Ltd. has been put into production, 2012 listing. Hepatitis E vaccine can effectively prevent the infection of hepatitis E virus. WHO (WHO) estimates that 13 of the world’s population have been infected with hepatitis E virus. The South and East Asia each year about 6 million 500 thousand cases of hepatitis E, resulting in 160 thousand deaths and 2700 cases of fetal death. According to reports, Xiamen University, the National Institute of infectious disease diagnostic reagents and vaccine engineering technology research and development center of China’s first domestic cervical cancer vaccine, has entered the end of phase III clinical trials. If successful, the vaccine will be 1 to 2 years after the listing. (end)???相关的主题文章:

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