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Chengdu within 2 hours, and these places are not cool! It is said that now Chengdu Tourism – Sohu is in memory of a "hot" guy, because the dead heat, go feeling will be melted, but on the road, black bean pot found in these places, not far from Chengdu, average temperature of 25 degrees, do not put out cool! The mountain was named after the mountain, mountain like crane, crane, mountain stone mountain habitat crane. Majestic mountains, lush trees, surrounded by Shuang Jian, feel that a cool summer, is a completely pure natural non pollution is not the nature of air-conditioning power consumption. Here the Cooper grey, wooded, covered the bustling. With the sound of cicadas and birds in the mountains more sleep can be heard without end, deep, completely isolated! Here is the famous Taoist Kazakhstan, summer, climbing and playing Taiji, reading, tea, pray, think what to do, completely forget your life in a big city! Address: Dayi County, 12 kilometers northwest of the Xiang Mitutoyo Cun route: Chengdu – Chengwenqiong speed — Dayi — crane Ming Shan horse horse gorge gorge in Jiangyou Kazakhstan, the annual average temperature of 13.9 degrees in August, the average temperature of 23.1 degrees, there are cliffs, waterfalls, ancient town, go in all eyes green, worthy of the name "natural oxygen " instant hot dog, what did not have! You look at the water, is not like a fork on foot, and there are many small rivers and caves, the inside of the horse dam town surrounded by water, is a good place to draw on mahjong, there is no heart! The water here is not deep, the baby just inside play, ready for your gun, playing what artifact, a cool swim! There are a lot of farmhouse and tea Creek, got tired of sitting up tea table, the river is full of fresh ripe walnuts, walnut can shade side while mining very well. Also ease..! Address: Jiangyou City, Wen Sheng Xiang territory route: Chengdu – North – link – Chengdu Chongqing high-speed Jing Kun speed – horse gorge warm tip: the more the mosquito must take anti mosquito artifact! Zhai Zhai Zao Zao Lao legend for the alchemy, Ming Jianwen was named in seclusion. Inside the lush vegetation, beautiful environment, many falls, the forest coverage rate reached more than 96%, a large number of rare animals and plants ~ Zao village waterfall is big is small, there is also a single bifurcation flow, both heroic, is graceful, anyway, certainly can make you feel cool in summer! Here the shallow beach, beach beach all one by one, you can also bring a swimsuit, let you spend the summer warm! Address: Jiangyou City, North China Town exit route: Chengdu – Jiangyou – Laojun Mountain – Chong Hua Zhen Zao Zhai Buddha cave Buddha cave is the largest caves in Northwest Sichuan Karst, certainly there are still a lot of people do not know, do not look at the outside of the sample, which is hidden but beautiful spot! Into the hole, like exposure to natural air conditioning, only the feeling breezy, gurgling, God is pure]相关的主题文章:

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