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Arts-and-Entertainment Pink opened her eyes in this world as Alecia Beth Moore on the 8th of September in the year 1979. She is professionally known by the name Pink. She is a very talented singer who has won the prestigious Grammy award twice. She is an American singer and a songwriter who had gained much prominence and fame during the year 1998. Pinks debut single that had been released had been titled ‘There You Go’ whereas her debut album that had been heavily R&B-oriented and been titled Can’t Take Me Home had been released in the year 2000 through the LaFace Records. Her second album had been more pop rock oriented and had been titled Missundaztood. This album had been released in the year 2001 and remains her biggest seller ever till the present times. The mentioned album had included some chart topping hits such as ‘Get The Party Started’ and the popular ‘Just Like a Pill’. This album had been followed up with her third album that had been titled ‘Try This’ and had been released two years after the release of her second album that is in 2003. This was when she took a small break from music. It was not until another three years that she made a .eback to the music scene with her fourth album that had been titled ‘I’m Not Dead.’ This particular album had generated seven back to back hit including some chart topping singles such as ‘Stupid Girls’, ‘Who Knew’ and ‘U & Ur Hand’. She released yet another album just recently. It is entitled 2008’s Funhouse and was released in the month of October in the current year that is 2008. Pink had opened her eyes in Doylestown, Pennsylvania where she had been born to Judy, who was a nurse, and James Moore, Jr. who had been a Vietnam veteran. Her father had belonged to Catholic belief whereas her mother was Jewish. While she had been growing up in Doylestown she had been a student of the Central Bucks West High School. Her father used to play guitar and sing songs for her when she had been very young and had dreamed of a rock star. While she had been in high school Pink had joined a band named Middleground which had been unable to gain popularity anywhere but its local area. In accordance to an interview that Pink had done some of her biggest influences had been that of the likes of Bette Midler, Janis Joplin, Steven Tyler and Bad Religion. Amongst some other artists who had also heavily inspired her had been Mary J. Blige, Bob Marley, Billy Joel and the Indigo Girls. Pink had developed her voice very early in life and although she had been a very healthy baby when she had been born. She had fallen pray to asthma that had plagued her all through her early years. She began to pen lyrics when she had been a teenager that served as an outlet for her feelings. More information about cheap pink tickets 相关的主题文章:

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