Changsha Metro Line 7, line 1, north extension project bidding diying

Changsha start the Metro Line 7, line 1 north extension line project bidding Changsha national evening news (reporter Chen Huanming Intern Du Jiao) reporter yesterday from the Changsha railway group learned that the Changsha Metro Line 7 and line 1 northern extension line launch a feasibility report, including line No. 7 main Changsha paved along Shaoshan road direction 1, while the Northern Line extension line from Kaifu District government directly extended to Jinxia area. At present, the project has been started bidding, the country will be tender. Metro Line 7 Station Road from creeping to the cloud Tong Station, the line length of approximately 21.60 kilometers. The whole line from east to west, then turn to the south, set up 18 stations, all off the assembly line, in line with a parking lot at the north end of Kueishan, South South Sanhuan set up a depot, and line 6, line 8, line 9 east line sharing control center. No. 1 subway line north extension line project from Jinxia area of Choi Ha Road station to Kaifu District government station, the line length of 9.93 km, including 5.4 km underground line. U groove and elevated line length of 4.53 km. According to the tender notice, will be closed on November 7, 2016 tender. Feasibility report No. 1 line north extension line and line 7 of the project were to complete the draft for approval in April 15th next year, before June 15th. In the process of feasibility report, the geological conditions of construction along the planned route and its surrounding buildings and environmental impacts will be investigated.相关的主题文章:

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