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Ceng Yixin recommended: the appointment of 10 doctors Wanquan substantial level — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn days ago, the reporter interviewed Ceng Yixin, academician of the Academy of Sciences Chinese Beijing Hospital Dean, he in hospital, township treatment, serious illness ailment turn bad, people see a doctor difficult problem, put forward some suggestions: as soon as possible to set up 100 thousand special full doctors in the country rural community. Beijing Hospital Dean Ceng Yixin academician said: according to the investigation and analysis of China’s current primary care physicians exist serious deficiencies, the total quality is not high, the loss of personnel, especially the general practitioner is national general practitioner of about 60 thousand, accounting for only 3.5% of the total number of physicians, far lower average in international 30%-60%, rural the general practitioner is more shortage. National township hospitals with more than 23% of college education, or even no practicing physician. China’s rural doctors do not have 57% qualifications. In recent years, the primary hospital loss is high high and intermediate title doctors were accounted for 35.7%, 10.1%, 9.5%. From this, he summed up the existence of a vicious circle in China’s grassroots hospitals: medical technology is not high, but the masses believe that the patient moved up to reduce the benefits of good doctors can not afford to stay". One of the root causes of this vicious cycle is that "medical technology is not high". To break this vicious cycle of strong inertia, the key link is to improve the quality and level of primary hospital physicians. In view of this, Ceng Yixin suggested in the existing 50 thousand township hospitals and community individual technical weakness of the county hospital, set up 2 special positions, from the hospital to complete the selection of more than 2 years of residency training personnel, clinical medical undergraduate and graduate degree or above, more than two of hospital medical and emergency department doctor, then the standardized training of general practitioners, specially for 2-3 years 100 thousand GP configuration in place. Doctors who are qualified for general practitioners are encouraged to apply. When a reporter asked about the treatment for distinguished practitioner, Zeng Yi said: it is necessary to consider the characteristics of medical education starting point is high and the cycle is long, but also learn from the experience of developed countries, work in grass-roots hospitals is higher than the hospital physician physician under distinguished excellent treatment. Economically developed areas can also increase subsidies. The distinguished physician service period for the first time in 5 years. After the expiration of the period according to the wishes of the individual, to encourage continued stay, also can return to the original units or transferring to higher medical units; as a graduate student, priority admission under the same conditions. In short to take special measures to superior treatment to establish a high comprehensive quality, people trusted general practitioners in the short term, full Township Community Hospital, fundamentally improve the primary health care level, to solve the pressing problems of farmers is difficult to see a doctor. (reporter Song Xunfeng) (Juan Xu Xinyi, commissioning editor: right)相关的主题文章:

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