CBRC toread trust investment loan linkage is more suitable for investment loan linkage than the bank mcncc

CBRC toread: trust investment loan linkage is more suitable for investment loan linkage than the bank? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: surging capital market in September 28th, the trust sector performance eye-catching: Anxin trust (600816.SH), Shaanxi International Trust A (000563.SZ), Aijian group (600643.SH) all day long rise respectively 2.25%, 8.26%, 2.7%. Trust sector contrarian rose or on the same day, the CBRC issued a document to "encourage trust company and give full play to the advantages of the trust system, investment loan linkage model" to explore the relevant trust fund. A number of the trust industry to surging news () said, from the practical point of view, the trust company stock + debt business development mode and investment loan linkage more fit, there are a number of trust companies trust through professional subsidiary business investment loan linkage test. According to people close to the regulators to surging news sources, professional trust as a subsidiary of the trust to carry out investment loan linkage is important one annulus, before this, regulators had stopped receiving the establishment of a trust subsidiary for professional. The CBRC issued a document to improve the investment loan linkage mechanism, improve service level of financial investment, can be regarded as the support for the State Council "" several opinions on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture capital. CBRC this document will encourage trust to carry out pilot on the first investment loan linkage. The main measures are: to support with the trust company group has carried out background and enterprise financing business pilot, fully integrate the use of group resources and risk management experience, and promote the healthy development of norms, business investment loan linkage; two is to encourage the trust company to give full play to the advantages of the trust system, trust funds investment loan linkage mode to strengthen business innovation, investment loan linkage related products, to provide comprehensive, personalized financial venture investment and financing services; the three is to guide the trust factors in various regions of science and technology resources situation, credit environment, local government support, make full use of the favorable conditions of local government credit risk sharing and compensation, perfect the relevant investment loan linkage product development and risk management, and promote business investment loan linkage to the business enterprise development Exhibition; four is to study and formulate the "Interim Measures" of the trust company specializing in the management of subsidiaries, support trust company uses its own funds to set up equity investment subsidiary, encourages the development of comprehensive investment and financing business of venture enterprises, the investment income compensation for loan losses, to achieve the sustainable development of business. According to the insiders, the CBRC issued a document, is actually from a higher level of trust industry affirmed the support to the enterprise, so the trust company to test the water more "right and proper investment loan linkage". The so-called investment loan linkage refers to the bank as "credit" and the establishment of the group of the investment subsidiary equity investment combination, the investment income to offset credit risk, realize the enterprise credit risk and return matching Kechuang, providing sustainable financial support for enterprise financing mode innovation. In April 21st, China Banking Regulatory Commission相关的主题文章:

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