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UnCategorized We are all familiar with the Top Gear Trio, James, Richard and dear old Jeremy; they grace our screens every week and lavish us with luscious news about the latest in the world of motoring. Their show is so successful, that even people that don’t give two monkeys about the latest Alfa Romeo tune in to watch the playful banter of these somewhat ageing men. What I often wonder is how these guys can make the topic of torque interesting whereas the Fifth Gear team have trouble keeping the most devoted diesel head interested in their programme; Is it because they openly admit that they wear car branded clothing and dream about Porsches. I think it may be something to do with the mix of personalities and the cars they drive. Mister Richard Hammond, the ever lovable hamster faced dude is the good looking one of the bunch, and it has to be said that he likes to drive good looking cars. His favourite is undoubtedly the Porsche 911, and somehow I think this mirrors his personality. Quick, dashing, small, stylish and sleek; yes, he is the embodiment of the car that he loves. Would he really be the same type of guy if he drove a ford fiesta? I know he is also rather fond of a four by four that can cross rugged terrain at breakneck speed. The make escapes me, but it was yellow and fast and was evidently a reflection of his outgoing nature and a personality that is not afraid to overcome obstacles. James May, or Captain Slow as he is also known is an unreserved fan of Jaguar, and currently owns the best E-Type money can buy. This is also a reflection of his personality and style. As much as Richard is a walking sports car with go faster stripes on his designer shirts, Mr May proudly wears items from his Jaguar clothing collection and takes a sophisticated quality drive for his own personal pleasure in a solid and reliable car. As much as I would have suspected he was a Volvo driver, somehow the shape of the E-Type suits him. His passion for old Bentley’s reinforces this, and I imagine that he relaxes in a bath robe emblazoned with the badges of stately cars. Whereas Quinton Wilson is wandering around Marks and Spencer looking for an argyle Jumper. Now on to good old Jezza. One Top gear episode saw the motor mouthed genius accused of having the same taste in cars as evil dictators; and it was true. Each car in his collection was owned by the likes of Mussolini and others of that ilk. Grand stately cars, solid and oppressive; dominating every inch of tarmac it drives along. A lot like the interviews, rants, raves and diatribes of Clarkson himself. Any other telly addicts out there will remember the time Trinny and Suzanna got hold of him and tried to drag him out of the fashion black hole he had found himself in. They tried flash suits and winkle picker shoes, but to no avail. He went and fished his old stuff out of a skip, refusing to budge in his opinions about self improvement. Not unlike Mussolini. I do wonder if they had managed to get him in something out of the jaguar clothing collection if he would have softened up a little, a bit like Mr. May. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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