Cai Yingwen was accused of British Empire grabbed power of judicial intervention – new network dataload

Cai Yingwen was accused of "British Empire" grabbed power of judicial intervention? – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, according to the "Taiwan times" reported China, Taiwan legislature 13 days to review the Judicial Yuan president and "the qualifications of the nominees, the KMT legislator Lai Shibao question, criticism after Cai Yingwen took power, grabbed power without responsibility, like" the Dynasty ". Ask" vice president "judicial nominee Cai Jiongdun, Cai said:" this is a bit chaotic system." Lai Shibao questioned, Cai Yingwen held a coordination meeting of the decision "grand meeting", head of the legislature can not go to the office of Cai Yingwen Su Jiaquan, also under the "judicial reform committee", Cai Yingwen even wrote to was sentenced to determine before the transportation department head Guo Yaoqi expressed dismay, "the old judicial intervention!" Lai Shibao criticized, "administrative and legislative power are dwarfed, administrative departments in charge of forestry has completely disappeared, Su Jia disappeared, also found an easy to grasp is the Xu Zong Li3, dynasty". The KMT legislator Lv Yuling also questioned Cai Yingwen after he took office, the office will set up a lot, whether there is a "unconstitutional" danger? Cai Jiongdun said that based on the needs of the task of grouping Cai Yingwen, hoping to contribute to the completion of the relevant tasks, he personally can understand, should not be illegal. Cai Jiongdun also stressed that in reply to Lv Yuling when questioned now system chaos, power, unlimited expansion of power without responsibility and other issues, this chaotic situation may be related to the past "constitution" is not repaired.相关的主题文章:

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