Cai Yingwen to Taiwan Asia media people just a caterpillar Hu Tai Long

Cai Yingwen to Taiwan media: the only Asian Dragon Hu Tai caterpillar original title: Cai Yingwen to Taiwan and then into the Asian Dragon Hu Taiwan media people: just China acid caterpillar Taiwan news network November 27th   according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, for the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen said, let Taiwan become the Asian Tigers again, Taiwan Li Fucheng 26 senior weather anchor on Facebook (Facebook) on acid, "in the dream, there is the most beautiful dream; not self called cool, really cool, the future of Taiwan is a caterpillar". The British "economist" (The Economist) published a new year special issue "global trends 2017", which also included an article written by Cai Yingwen "let Taiwan again become a tiger" special article. Cai Yingwen said in the article, in 2016, the people of Taiwan will be entrusted to the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan, we hope to make Taiwan once again become the Asian tigers". In this regard, Li Fucheng said that he was not able to imagine, do not know how to do with Taiwan, Cai Yingwen. Is the fight against the KMT, Taiwan will be able to return to the four dragons? Where are the opportunities for Taiwan to develop when all over Asia is beyond Taiwan? Do not forget, in the past, the prosperity of Taiwan is a group of elite led Jiang Jingguo down, where is the elite now? In the dream, the dream is the most beautiful. (Taiwan, China Network Lining) responsible editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章:

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