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Cai Ming Chen Jianbin was on the line laugh spray cleaners Cai Ming tongued – Sohu incarnation of Cai Ming entertainment entertainment news from the cleaners aunt Sohu "the first grade? Since graduation season" launched, in addition to super star lineup and distinct personality of the students, as well as Ni Ping, Le Jia, William Chan and other industry leading guests were graduated from the master class ", which is called" half of the country entertainment ring". In the latest episode, comedian Cai Ming dressed in a cleaner dress appeared unexpectedly, not only stunned the crowd, is to allow users to be taken by surprise netizen "massion" said, commented: "the monk, after sweeping Cai Ming, the same stunt is hidden, will play the main!" Then, "it will poison tongue master" Cai Ming teacher bring us what kind of surprise? The students of the cleaners aunt grade counter attack next Monday will usher in the "screening lines war", then there will be a student of regret leaving, so all the teachers and students are bursting with tension atmosphere. The two teams are in the time of preparing wildly beating gongs and drums in the side, I do not know why the students were ready to quietly look at Aunt cleaners, suddenly ran out and said: "I’ll give you a demonstration again." Let the people present a face instantly ignorant: "aunt this is to make what?" However, only three seconds all the doubts would become an instant surprise, is actually the cleaners aunt sketch master actor Cai Ming teacher in disguise. Comment area has been Cai Ming teacher’s appearance elegant style Shuabing: "aunt Cai Ming also let people don’t recognize the day ah!" Cai Ming is Cai Ming, even the way to play must be different." Also known as the world leader in tongue, in the last episode of Ni Ping broke a lot of entertainment confidential, it is said that this Cai Ming is not resigned to playing second fiddle big burst dirt. Chen Jianbin laughed by tongue according to the program group broke the news, Cai Ming teacher in imitation of the classroom, the tutor of Julian Cheung Cobain had a whim pulled aside loura, to a comedy drama, God restored the scene when the wife Anita Yuen to buy a bag: not only a hand hanging four bags, but also sell adorable baby move the son skills MAX, is fully deserve "to husband don’t bag" severe cases, netizens message said: "Anita Yuen love package into the routine one by one, Julian Cheung say the body is still very not honest credit card, the two men at the frenzied show of affection!" Julian Cheung looked at the "reduction of one hundred imitation Anita audacious in the extreme" to buy the package, the presence of the students laughed to tears after all, even the always serious Chen Jianbin can not help but laugh. In the last week was Ni Ping ridicule of the Chen Jianbin, the gun again, and immediately asked the question of Chen Jianbin Cai Ming: Jiang Qinqin is not so? It was said that Chen stammered actually answered contradictory, don’t front will have "to buy a pack of kuangmo haunted? Cai Ming will dig out for us how many Chen family gossip? See Cai Ming and Chen Jianbin to play, I think was very looking forward to it!相关的主题文章:

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