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In July the National Energy Bureau: there is no greater power of personal casualty – energy – the Energy Bureau people.com.cn website 23 news release, July, the national power is no large casualties, no power equipment accidents, no power system of hydropower station dam, overtopping and significant impact of social events. July, 3 cases of personal casualties occurred, resulting in the death of 3 people, an increase of more than the number of accidents since the death toll the same. The production of human power casualty accidents since 2, 2 people died, since the number of the same year, reducing the number of deaths of 1 people; the electric power construction casualty accidents since 1, the death of 1 people, an increase of 1 from the number of deaths increased by 1. July, more than 1 casualties occurred outside the body, the death of 4 people. July, no direct economic losses of more than 1 million yuan of general electrical equipment accidents, the same. No power security incidents, a decrease of 2. The power of personal casualty 1, July 7th, Yunnan Huadian Zhenxiong Power Generation Co. Ltd. in 1 boiler maintenance, Xiangtan anti-corrosion insulation installation company of scaffolding, 1 porters to transfer materials in the 42 meters position due to unfasten the seat belt, from 42 meters to 8 meters from hopper, cause 1 people died. 2, July 26th, in the five sub Bureau of water power construction workers taking Chongqing Yu Xiang building installation Co. Ltd. in China Yangtze Three Gorges group is located in Yunnan Luquan County of Wudongde Hydropower Station half new highway two standard Foundation Ditch Bridge No. 2 Dun Di two positions, see the hanging basket move when suddenly fall hanging basket personnel, with the basket fall, resulting in 1 deaths. 3, July 30th, Beijing Borun Electric Power Technology Co. Ltd staff of reactive power compensation in Guohua Dongtai wind farm unit work, low voltage 380 volt electric shock, resulting in 1 deaths. Outside the large power casualty accidents in July 3rd, hydropower seven Bureau of Pakistan electric power construction tower of Bella hydropower station project department labor subcontractor Deyang Jing reached Building Services Ltd. in Building No. 17 unit on the right lower elevation pier concrete pouring, the scaffolding suddenly collapsed, 8 workers to fall, resulting in 4 deaths, 4 people injured. Note: the implementation of "electric power safety accident emergency investigation and handling of the above statistics regulations" (State Council Decree No. 599), "production safety accident reporting and investigation of treatment regulations" (State Council Decree No. 493), "the National Energy Bureau on Issuing the provisions of < the management of electric power safety supervision event > notice" (the country safe 2014 "No. 205") and the National Energy Board issued a single power supply city electric power safety accident grading standards notice "(national security 2013 No. 255). Electrical safety supervision department in August 18, 2016 (Wang Jing, commissioning editor: Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章:

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