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Software Software quality testing, especially manual testing is all about finding and reporting bugs. Therefore, bug reports are the mirror image of the testing efforts applied. We can also say that bug reports are the most important out.e of the testing performed. So, it be.es very important that bug reports are essentially bug free. It might sound awkward or funny that the reported bug itself is buggy, but that is the case quite a few times which makes the situation quite embarrassing for the testing team. Since bug reports hold the key, it is worthy enough to understand how to write effective and bug free bug reports as writing a bug report effectively would minimize responses such as Cannot Reproduce, Need more Information from the developers end. Also, it would reduce the time taken by developers to fix the reported issues. This results in better understanding and smooth functioning of the project. Precisely, it would not make a test engineer look very smart with a simple reason that he/she is claiming to have found a mistake in a particular area but on the other hand, he himself is not good enough to keep his statement or claim bug free. So, to avoid such embarrassment or awkward situations, a software quality testing engineer must keep the bug reports bug free. Now, the question that arises is what all .es under a Buggy Bug report. First and foremost, a bug report must not have grammatical errors. This basically means that a good software test engineer is not expected to write bug reports with basic grammar flaws in them. This could very easily send a wrong or different message to the developer and the bug could be discarded. To avoid grammatical errors in bug reports be.es even more important for those software testing organizations to which the work have been outsourced and the testing team is not co-located with the development team, and thus, are totally or majorly dependent upon their written .munication to get their reported bugs fixed. Secondly, hiding or not providing exact information required to reproduce the bug also .es under faulty or buggy bug report. It is crystal clear that intention of a software test engineer is not just to report bugs; rather, its efficiency or the success ratio is calculated from the percentage of bugs that got fixed by the developers. Therefore, getting your bug ignored just because of the reason that developer was not able to reproduce it at his end, because he did not have enough evidence supporting the bug or steps/information provided were ambiguous or insufficient, would do no good to a test engineers as well as organizations reputation. These minor things play a major role in the out.e of repeat business achieved, which is primarily the first thing in any profit making business organizations mind. With this, we can say that be it manual testing or automation a bug free bug report is an essential parameter in making it an effective bug report. Therefore, next time we write a bug report, we must be clear, brief, accurate, precise and grammatically correct and also must have .plete information and evidences to make that bug count. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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