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The British Prime Minister, immigration policy is difficult for the conservative government of new consensus appeared in October in the new network in 10, rifts – according to foreign media reported on 10, the British now come from the European Union intersection, Prime Minister Teresa may seek the conservative party on unite, but because of her tough people have moved field, the conservative government cracks. A British minister, who declined to be named, was condemned by the interior minister, Luther, for expressing dissatisfaction with the plan he asked British companies to employ foreign workers. The minister said that the move is not only discriminatory, but also in violation of British law, and ultimately will not be able to get Congress to vote and implement. Local time on September 29th, the city of Salisbury, British Prime Minister Teresa visited? Mei Mercian regiment first battalion. He also described the plan as "a bag of vomit" and was widely opposed by government colleagues. Luther last week at the Conservative Party Congress announced new measures to restrict immigration, including the provisions of the British enterprises must employ non listed British staff list, and the bank and the owners did not check if they do business with foreigners, may face sanctions against the regime. Shapps, a former conservative chairman, called on Luther and Mr Teresa to abandon the "harmful" plan. He said: "I am sure that this is the idea of good officials, but in the current UK must show the openness of its business environment, the exclusion of foreign workers is the last thing the company wants to see." There are more and more signs that restrictions on immigration is the focus of Teresa Mei’s European policy, which will make the United Kingdom embarked on a hard to take off the road, to the stock market and the pound exchange rate volatility. She said in a speech last week: "if you believe that you are a citizen of the world, then you will not belong to any place." The International Monetary Fund on the sidelines of the conference held in Washington’s remarks sparked heated debate, the officials in Britain has yet to make clear off the European plan expressed concern. British finance minister Hammond also went to the United States to attend the meeting, trying to convince the outside world still open the door to do business. Martin Luther King and Teresa plum embarrassed him. In a televised interview last week, he stressed that Britain will continue to welcome highly skilled expatriates: "the problem is not that highly skilled employees or highly paid bankers. The problem we have to deal with is the entry-level position." Reported that the British government officials criticized the restrictions on immigration plan, highlighting the relative vulnerability of Teresa • Mei regime. She has only 17 seats in the British Parliament, to ensure that the policy can be adopted and implemented, it must have the full support of the conservative party. In addition, the United Kingdom should continue to stay in Europe after the European customs union, but also makes the tension between the British cabinet members.相关的主题文章:

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