Britain will invest $2 billion 300 million in the next five years in the field of network security-antik

The next five years will invest $2 billion 300 million in the field of network security technology – Sina Beijing time on November 1st evening news, the British Ministry of Finance said in a statement Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Philip · Hammond (Philip Hammond) will be announced later today, Britain plans to invest 1 billion 900 million pounds in 5 years ($2 billion 330 million) for Internet Security defense. The funds will be used to finance the development of automated network security defense system, designed to protect the security of British companies and users of online security, strengthen the UK’s network security forces to help defend against external cyber attacks. Later today, Hammond will elaborate on the investment plan. Compared with the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2016 network security investment, the 1 billion 900 million pounds of investment doubled. Hammond said in a statement: we must keep up with the pace of development of the threat. Our new strategy will allow us to better protect the security of the network, and fight back against the attacks encountered." According to the new network security plan, the British government will also set up a new "Network Security Research Institute (CSRI), and from the University of Cheltenham (Cheltenham) innovation center combination of technology, help the development of network security company. In October this year, the United Kingdom has set up a national network security center". As part of the British Intelligence Agency government communications headquarters (GCHQ), the center has approximately 700 employees. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章:

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