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Boa story: in the home, mother language violence – Sohu "how can you be so stingy" "this is not stupid," "cry what, for" "don’t do that, I don’t love you, I don’t want you" "I smoke you ah, I beat you to death" and "told you more few times, what is not remember? No memory "" you see people kids more obedient, you see you so much, also appeared in a lot of families, is the so-called "say love" the parents of the children in the mouth. Many parents believe that to provide children with food, clothing, support him, there is enough love in the heart, but often ignore the tone and language when communicating with the children. We adults blurt out words mostly negative words, even well intentioned, but in children it, parents every day in the blame, blame and scold themselves, they feel Nothing is right. Indeed, in our hearts is the love of children, but the language is not conscious of the child’s implementation of the violence, I do not know, has destroyed the child’s precious self-esteem. In life, no matter how hard that we make sacrifices to provide a good environment for children, but if not from the language, tone and attitude directly on the expression of love, if you do not have children as an equal human being, to maintain the dignity of the child, so the child is still unable to feel real love. For example: when the child fall, his first feeling is shock and panic, but this time, the child is most in need of their parents’ arms, comfort and encouragement, but not the lesson, even if you want to point out to him the mistakes, so will he emotions calm down, to explain to peace tone. Note to parents: when you yelled at the child, the effect was to create a sense of panic in child psychology, children will think mom and Dad don’t want him, that is their own parents ignited the anger, to lose confidence in yourself. Children who are usually lack of communication with their parents sometimes deliberately create opportunities for their parents to get angry because they are a means of attracting parents’ attention. When you call your child a "bad boy, a troublemaker", they will think of themselves as "bad children, troublemakers", so they will continue to be their "bad boy, troublemaker."". If every child does something wrong, you will be furious, yelled at it, then the child will tell you more and more distant, you know, harsh criticism will not let the children aware of mistakes, but will increase between parents and children of the barrier, causing the child to come more difficult to communicate with people, lack of patience, temper the waiting. Therefore, in order to protect the health of the child’s mind, please parents put down their fists.相关的主题文章:

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